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How to Sell CRM to a Skeptic

May 18 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Many executives and managers just don’t grasp the value of CRM. Why should they... Read More

Best Practices CRM Software

10 Tips for Migrating Your CRM

May 15 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Whether you’re upgrading from a homegrown customer relationship management (CRM) system or switching from... Read More

Best Practices Business CRM Software

How CRM Can Solve Business Problems

May 11 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

“What exactly does CRM do? Specifically, how will it improve my business?” Working in... Read More

Social Media Technology

5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

May 07 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

When I first started working in social media marketing, it was new and different.... Read More

Technology CRM Software Integration ERP Software

10 Answers to Your Questions About Software Integration

May 04 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Implementing a new CRM can be scary for any business, and that tension only... Read More


6 Ways to Automate Customer Service for a Better Customer Experience

Apr 29 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

If you want to keep your customers happy, engaged, and loyal, it’s essential to... Read More

Marketing Automation Technology Business

Q&A with Transportation Marketing Manager: Outsourcing Marketing Services

Apr 28 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Being a small marketing team is challenging. You want to do it all –and... Read More

Technology Business Integration

Connecting Your Software Platforms: What You Need to Know

Apr 23 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Software integration can be critical for success. Why? When it comes to software, every... Read More

Marketing Automation Technology Tips & Tricks Uncategorized

5 Marketing Automation Tips Every Business Should Know

Apr 22 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

It is not really an overstatement to say that automation has completely reshaped the... Read More

Technology Best Practices Business

5 Tips for Leading in Uncertain Times

Apr 21 2020 BY Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Anyone historically resistant to technology is currently living through a whirlwind. A remote workforce... Read More

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