The Top Pitfalls of CRM Evaluations

Apr 20 2020 BY Jake Buttikofer

Being a reseller of CRM software for over 20+ years, we’ve seen not only... Read More

Best Practices CRM Software

CRM Vendors and the Race to the Bottom

Oct 06 2015 BY Jake Buttikofer

There are a myriad of new CRM vendors coming out of the woodworks. It’s... Read More

Best Practices CRM Software

CRM Software Implementations and the 10,000 Hour Rule

Sep 29 2015 BY Jake Buttikofer

By now, you might be aware of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule. If not,... Read More

Best Practices CRM Software

Lead vs. Opportunity – What’s the difference?

Jun 19 2015 BY Jake Buttikofer

CRM software is robust and complex. Because of this, without experience and knowledge of... Read More

SugarCRM CRM Software

Creating a New Lead Email in Sugar

Oct 06 2014 BY Jake Buttikofer

Here you will find a Sugar workflow on how to create a “New Lead... Read More

SugarCRM Technology SugarCRM Toolbox Best Practices Tips & Tricks Cloud Computing CRM Software

SugarCRM – Archiving Emails to Sugar without a Plugin

Oct 22 2013 BY Jake Buttikofer

If you’re looking for a simple way to archive emails to your SugarCRM instance,... Read More

SugarCRM SugarCRM Toolbox Best Practices Cloud Computing CRM Software

How to Setup SugarCRM Users

Sep 06 2013 BY Jake Buttikofer

One of the most common calls I get from clients are problems with setting... Read More


Can Sugar Do This?

Aug 19 2013 BY Jake Buttikofer

I talk to potential Sugar customers every day. One of the most common questions... Read More

SugarCRM Technology Best Practices Business Cloud Computing CRM Software

Salesforce Vs. SugarCRM: CLICKS Vs. CLICKS, CODE Vs. CODE

Jun 10 2013 BY Jake Buttikofer

I talk to companies every day about (SFDC) vs. SugarCRM, and a recurring... Read More

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Company Culture Matters

May 01 2013 BY Jake Buttikofer

After I graduated College in 2009, I found my first full-time job two weeks... Read More

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