Choosing The Right Marketing Automation Platform Can Be A Challenge

Perhaps These Industries Perspectives Can Be Helpful In Your Evaluation Process.

Key Areas Where Act-On Outperformed Hubspot

  • Inbound Support
  • Lead capture
  • Lead management (scoring, nurturing, routing)
  • Integration to CRM systems
  • Overall strategy (product and breadth of vision)
  • Support for large scale environments
  • Customer contact & data management
  • Dynamic content personalization and offer management
  • Campaign development
  • Reporting, analytics and alerting

Act-On Ranked As a Leader

Act-On Named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management for 2017

Act-On is a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, based on its stand-alone lead management application, client and revenue growth, industry vision and value-based pricing. Download the research and learn why.

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Act-On’s Product Vision Supports the Future of Marketing

Act-On’s vision provides an added layer of intelligence for marketers, allowing them to predict, adapt, and respond to the way each customer wants to be engaged so that you can deliver more precise, more personalized engagement paths for your buyers and customers.

Integrations with CRM and key marketing technology

Act-On provides five native CRM integrations in addition to custom packages, making it easy for you to create that end-to-end solution. In addition, we are committed to further expanding our martech integrations library with the newest technologies.

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Act-On Meets the Needs of Growing Companies

Growing companies have unique needs for their marketing automation platform, and that’s where Act-On is focused when we partner with you. Everything from our product development roadmap, security requirements, to contract flexibility, we’ve got your back. We aren’t distracted by freemium offerings targeted at small businesses focused on staying small.

Act-On Enables Customer Lifecycle Marketing

It’s no longer about inbound vs. outbound. Marketers need a comprehensive marketing automation platform that supports their key goals at every stage – from brand to demand to expand – for true end-to-end lifecycle marketing.

Act-On’s Pricing is Focused on the Value You Receive

Act-On supports a unique pricing model, unlike Hubspot and other vendors who often price based on total database size. Act-On focuses our pricing on when we drive value for you, which is when your contacts actually engage.

Superior Time-to-Value and Support

All Act-On customers receive a named onboarding manager to ensure you see value from your investment quickly. In addition to ongoing access to training and support services for the lifetime of our relationship.

Key Considerations

Act-On Hubspot
Is it an easy to use platform? check mark check mark
What is the company’s product focus and strategic vision? Best of breed MAP & Open Ecosystem Lightweight CRM, MAP and CMS features
Are advanced social marketing and reporting features available? check mark Basic social only
Does it integrate with my CRM? check mark Salesforce and Hubspot only
Will it support effective account-based marketing (ABM)? check mark x mark
Does it support multiple scoring models? check mark x mark
Does it easily connect with my BI/reporting tools? check mark x mark
Are customer lifecycle marketing strategies supported with product features and training? check mark Inbound-centric
Is pricing based on the value you’re receiving? I.e., only contacts you engage with each month. check mark All contacts (unengaged + engaged)


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