Our Values

The purpose of stating our values is to commit to a way of being. In writing. Many companies have a lot of generic values that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Our approach is to be specific and true. Our values should create a framework for decision making and for a way of working and thinking. Every decision we make, every action we take, should be consistent with our values.

Anything Is Possible Attitude
The question is never “can we do it?” The question is “should we do it?” Given enough time and resources, we believe anything can be done. We support this attitude with our words and our deeds.

Take Care of Our Clients
We recognize that our clients are the reason we exist. Our first thought should always be to solve our clients’ problems. This comes before billing, financial implications, or our own needs, wants, and desires. If we take care of our clients, the rest will take care of itself.

Growth Mindset
We do the right thing for each other, our clients, and our partners. This means acting with integrity and taking ownership of situations. We take care of our team, our clients, and our partners. When there’s a crisis, we come through. When needed, we support each other through it all.

Conscious and Enthusiastic Teamwork
Promoting and supporting teamwork is critical to our success as an organization. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability for productivity and responsiveness as a team.

Our success is tightly interwoven with our ability to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems and innovative software to meet the needs of our customers. Innovation is the secret sauce that makes us go.

Own What Happens
Good or bad, we own what happens. We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes. Excuses and blame are for other people. If we make a mistake, we don’t point fingers. We own it, understand it, and then make it right.

Move Fast
The world is moving fast, and our team, our clients, and our partners expect nothing less from us. This means we respond to emails timely, we return calls quickly, and we blow people away with our speed.