How Do I Choose Between Different Sage ERP Consultants?


According to Statista, the size of the global ERP market will reach $84.7 billion by 2021. The reason is many businesses are either in the process of implementing a new ERP system or replacing their old system. In a highly-competitive, and digital marketplace, an increasing number of businesses see the value of implementing an ERP system—and Sage 100 is one of the best in the industry. But, most of us can use a little help when choosing between different Sage ERP consultants.

Implementing an ERP solution should lead to an improvement of business processes resulting in enhanced performance of the organization–as a whole. Still, that may not always be the case based on whether you select the right ERP consultant.

Successfully implementing any ERP project, including a Sage ERP project, requires adequate technical knowledge and skills and can be a resource-intensive process. By teaming up with the right consultant, you can sail through the technological and organizational puzzles and ensure the success of your ERP project.

Before we go into detail about how to choose the right Sage ERP consultant, let’s see how they can help your business.

Why do you need a Sage ERP consultant?

You can expect to face challenges if you decide to walk down the path of ERP implementation alone. To reduce the hiccups and headaches, a Sage ERP consultant can provide the following services:

  • Expertise–Sage ERP solutions are complex and have advanced aspects such as mobile capabilities and comprehensive integrations. Your in-house IT team may not have the knowledge or expertise to handle this type of implementation successfully.
  • Professional advice–Your Sage ERP consultant is uniquely positioned to offer you impartial advice empowered with their knowledge of ERP and the industry. These experience-based suggestions can unleash the full potential of your Sage ERP system.
  • Accurate recommendations—The guessing game just won’t cut it. You need a Sage ERP consultant who is focused on making the right recommendation for your business.
  • Improved ROI—A good Sage ERP consultant will shorten your selection and implementation time to help you save costs. Then, you can truly realize the ROI you need.

A consultant will help in the overall successful effectiveness of the ERP project, save your time and money and, also help you make informed business decisions. Choosing the right Sage ERP consultant is one of the best starts towards improving every single one of your business processes. Down below are more tips to help you choose between different Sage ERP consultants.

Start with a plan

Like any business decision, you should start out by making a detailed plan. Consider the gathering and documenting the following:

  1. Your business objectives and what you want to achieve at the end of the ERP implementation
  2. The talent and skills available in-house
  3. Timeframe of implementation
  4. Metrics to evaluate the implementation
  5. Your probable budget

After you have documented the above, you can determine the type of Sage ERP consultant you need. The next step is to start screening candidates.

How to screen an ERP consultant

You don’t want to end up with just any Sage ERP consultant. If you want to meet your business needs and to scale, you have to pick the right fit. The good news is you have a choice—you should take the consultant selection process as seriously as you take the implementation of your Sage ERP system.

  1. Specific industry knowledge

You don’t want to become a guinea pig in the hands of a consultant who knows little about your industry. Your project is more likely to fail if you run a manufacturing facility and hire a consultant working for the financial industry.

Your selected Sage ERP consultant should be aligned and knowledgeable about the scope of your business and your industry. Only then can they unleash the full potential of Sage ERP in terms of improving your unique business processes.

  1. Adequate experience

As far as this point goes, knowledge is important but the experience is even more important. A Sage ERP will only be as successful as your consultant’s experience allows. As with anything else, if this is their first or second implementation, they won’t be at the level of understanding how to address potential issues or to customize the solution for more complex needs.

As a result, it is crucial to search for a consultant with sufficient background and experience. Even better is a Sage ERP consultant who has experience in your industry and business size. Furthermore, the consultant needs to understand how to incorporate best-of-breed integrations, analytics, mobile interfaces, cloud computing, and other elements that will facilitate the right ERP fit.

  1. Focuses on business process improvement (BPI)

The objective of implementing a new Sage ERP system is to improve BPI. Making BPI a priority will enable your company to realize your business objectives such as reduced lead generation time, improved customer service, strategic decision making, and increased productivity.

  1. Tested methodology and resources

A consultant with proven ERP implementations record will have a unique set of applications and processes that have contributed to past success. The right Sage ERP consultant will understand how to tailor applications and processes to meet your unique set of requirements.

It also helps to ask for any sample materials or templates that they plan to use for your project. You want a better idea of what to expect, and if it will align with your needs.

In conclusion

In the end, the Sage ERP consultant you choose will also be an extension of your team, so they must be able to work well and collaboratively with your employees and staff. As with anything else, choosing between different Sage ERP consultants will be similar to a job interview. You want to pick the consultant that aligns the best with your needs, future objectives, and industry. In addition, you want a Sage ERP consultant who can customize your system accordingly.

Finally, we know a thing or two about Sage 100. We’re a Sage Gold Partner and master developer and recognized in 2018 as one of the 20 Most Promising Sage Solution Providers by CIO Review. Learn more about our Sage expertise here.