Customer Journey Plugin 4.7.0 Released

With the Customer Journey Plugin users have the ability to visualize a process or series of tasks for all aspects of the business including lead management, opportunity tracking, account planning and customer care. There are a number of pre-built templates available that can be copied, modified and extended to meet the needs of your organization. This ability to visualize exactly where you are in a journey or process is greatly appreciated by staff and users of the CRM and contributes greatly to adoption.

SugarCRM recently announced that version 4.7 of the Customer Journey Plug-in by Addoptify is now available!

This latest release includes important support features for the Sugar Spring ’18 and Sugar 8 Releases.


Customer Journey Plug-in 4.7 also addresses bugs identified in prior releases. More information on the new features and enhancements as well as the fixed bugs can be found in the Customer Journey Plug-in 4.7 Release Notes.

More information on the Customer Journey Plug-in 4.7, including the user guide, admin guide, installation guide, and the supported platforms can be found on the Installable Connectors  in the Sugar Community.