How Long Does a Sugar Implementation Take?

When considering a new Sugar implementation, customers often ask for an estimated time frame for completion. If only there was a fast and easy answer. While Sugar is one of the easiest-to-deploy CRM systems on the market today, the time for implementation truly requires an evaluation of your current and future business needs.

It also requires a look at how you want to use your CRM system, along with what you want to achieve. So, the real answer is, “it depends.” For larger projects, it helps to work with your SugarCRM consultant to help scope the project and define your requirements to give you a more accurate estimate. Keep reading to learn more.

Analyze your business needs

At a high level, this will be a document that defines your organization’s current pain points. It requires a discussion with both end users and stakeholders. Some questions to ask include:

  • How large is my company?
  • How many users will I have?
  • What is my budget?
  • Who are my users?
  • Who are my customers?
  • Will my users require training?
  • Do I want a hosted or cloud-based solution?
  • Can I integrate SugarCRM with my company email system or other existing software?

Contrary to popular belief, you can speed up implementation by taking a more thoughtful approach towards defining your needs. When you are more specific about your requirements, you can speed up the decision-making process and your SugarCRM consultant can more easily suggest an implementation route that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Since a new CRM system can be a cultural shift, things that can add to implementation time includes:

  • Connectivity and availability of internal resources
  • Getting user buy-in
  • Effective project management
  • Software setup and configuration
  • The time it takes to sign off on each stage towards implementation
  • Administrator training
  • End user training
  • Are there any complex scenarios that need to be addressed?

Take a look at your current sales processes

If you want to utilize Sugar for sales, then you can improve overall implementation times by reviewing your current sales processes. This includes taking a look at your lead generation strategy along with the channels you use to market your product or service.

A question that should be asked is how do you think Sugar will enhance your sales processes? What do you currently use for reporting? Will you need customized workflows and modules? Will you need plugins for social media integration? What is your process for post-sales customer service?

You can only address any issues and bottlenecks if you know what they are. Several benefits your sales team will get with Sugar include:

  • Easy replication of past quotes
  • Quickly track lead status changes
  • Send customer emails directly from Sugar
  • Visual representation of every product listed in the catalog
  • Interactive sales report charts
  • Create re-usable email templates

Use the right approach

Implementation can be stalled if businesses do not get the right people on board from the start. Regardless of how good Sugar is, it still needs to be handled by the right people who will be advocates for quick implementation and adoption.

As a result, specific end users and stakeholders must be involved in the decision-making process. Furthermore, consistent communication about the implementation process is critical. Input from the entire organization helps, as well. You see, comprehensive buy-in is imperative to speed up the implementation process.

Determine your subscription model

Are you interested in a one-time purchase or would you prefer the subscription model? Will you pay monthly or annually? Have you made the decision whether you want a hosted or cloud-based system? How do you intend to back up your data? Do you need a mobile-first strategy?

In general, cloud deployments can be quicker–but, not always. With a cloud-based system, you can fully implement within a matter of weeks. On the other hand, if you have more complex requirements from specific customizations to integration with other systems–implementation can take longer.

An example of when implementation may take over a month is if a lot of development work is needed, for multiple company locations with a large number of users. The good news is Sugar offers both a hosted and cloud-based system with user-friendly pricing options to meet any business need and configuration.

Plus, Sugar is within the “best in breed” category in the CRM market. You can choose from a wide-range of third-party plugins to completely customize your system.

Personalize and customize your system

If you want to achieve successful implementation, the first time around, then it helps to ensure your initial Sugar system is personalized to match your unique business processes and workflows. If your business is truly unique, then your CRM system should be a representation of that fact.

The good news is with your list of business requirements, your SugarCRM consultant can lead the way to creating and implementing Sugar that is unlike any other–one that reflects your exact business model. Regardless of how you customize your system, you’ll also appreciate these handy keyboard shortcuts that speed up your workflows.

This is part of how you ensure that implementation is a success for every intended end user. And, customizing at the beginning of the implementation helps to streamline the entire process.

Final thought

Being realistic about your Sugar implementation is crucial. Preparing a clear list of your specific requirements and future business objectives will only help your Sugar deployment.

Selecting between hosted or cloud can affect implementation times, as can the complexity of your needs and number of users. Not to mention, getting full buy-in from your end users will speed up the process.

It also helps to customize your solution from the start. And, working with reasonable timelines will ensure a successful and on-time implementation.