Calendar Access in Sugar Mobile e

Recently SugarCRM released a mobile SDK (software development kit) that allowed SugarCRM partners to use the existing Sugar Mobile App and create completely stand-alone enhanced Sugar Mobile Apps.

That’s exactly what we did when built Sugar Mobile e.

Sugar Mobile e has all of the features of the existing Sugar Mobile App but was built as a completely standalone app. Sugar Mobile e is an entirely enhanced Sugar app that has all of the native Sugar Mobile App functionality but comes with additional really cool features that’s not currently available anywhere else.

Today we’re going to focus on one of the most popular Sugar Mobile e feature requests, the Calendar Access inside Sugar Mobile e.

The calendaring function in the Sugar Mobile app currently doesn’t have a native calendar view. With Sugar Mobile e you can:

  • Use the calendar and see your full weeks activities
  • Drag and drop your different calendar entries with ease
  • Create different calendar entries from within the calendar, such as logging meetings or calls
  • Log anything within the app and it will automatically go on to our calendar view
  • Check out an extended demo of Sugar Mobile e here and let us know what you think! We’re constantly adding new features to our app, so if you see something that’s not currently there we’d love to know!