What does SugarCRM Cost? Part 3

What does SugarCRM Cost? Part 3

This is Part 3 of a three-part series on the cost of SugarCRM. View Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

This post addresses the ongoing support cost of Sugar.

Please note the costs presented below are general guidelines, and your costs might differ. Without having a sense of the actual scope or purpose of the project, it’s incredibly difficult to accurately predict the cost.

Much like implementations, you can certainly support your instance internally if you have the resources. Costs for this would be how much you choose to allocate from your existing staff costs.

You can get “included” support from Sugar as part of your annual subscription.

SugarCRM includes comprehensive support with each subscription. Sugar also offers a variety of support options and Success Packages tailored to your company needs. You can add certain support features on an a la carte basis and more are available as part of Success Packages, which are designed to meet specific development and implementation requirements. The following are support options included in your annual subscription at no additional cost (unless otherwise specified).

Sugar Professional
Sugar Enterprise
Sugar Ultimate
Support Hours
8×5 (by region)
12×5 (optional)
12×5 (by region)
24×7(for P1 only)
12 x 5 (for P2 & P3)
Number of Contacts
Number of Cases
P1 Response Time 4 business hours
2 business hours
1 business hours
P2 Response Time
1 business day
4 business hours
2 business hours
P3 Response Time
2 business days
1 business day
4 business hours
Phone Support
No (optional– $$$)

Other paid support options directly from Sugar include:

12×5 Support extends Sugar Professional support hours by fifty percent, adding four hours per business day.

Phone Support provides the convenience and speed of filing support cases by calling SugarCRM rather than submitting cases through the customer support portal. A Tier 1 support technician will attempt to resolve the problem over the phone during the initial call. If a problem requires escalation, additional troubleshooting and resolution will also be initiated over the phone.

Sugar Extended Support provides critical assistance for your Sugar instance in the event that you need to run Sugar beyond the published end-of-life date. If you have purchased Sugar Extended Support, this offering will provide troubleshooting support and guidance on best practices for the Sugar release. In addition, hotfixes for critical security defects, P1 issues, and issues with a known solution at the time of end-of-life will be provided by the Sugar Support team. This extended support offering is available for one year beginning with the published Sugar end-of-life date for the applicable Sugar version. Services not offered under Extended Support include, but are not limited to, maintenance releases, support for existing and new releases of peripheral applications such as plug-ins, Hint and Sugar Mobile, third-party products, and support for updated stack components (e.g. PHP, Apache).

Support is also available through the Sugar support website here: http://support.sugarcrm.com/.

Support is also available via Sugar Partners. For typical Sugar partners, ongoing support can be a simple support contract or buckets of prepaid hours. It really depends on the instance and scope of the project. For a typical implementation of less than 40 users, we usually recommend an annual bucket of 60 prepaid hours (5 hours per month) for support that includes anything from standard support (error messages, how do I do this?, training of newly hired staff, a quick report or dashboard creation, etc.) to developer time. Our buckets of hours can be used for anything.

As I wrote at the start of Part 1 of this series, estimating costs without any sense of scope of the project is difficult. However, hopefully, these blogs provide you with some guidelines as to what to expect. Contact us if you have any questions or would like clarification on anything in the post. We’re happy to help. We know that costs can be a daunting prospect at times, and we’re here to demystify the process for you.