What does SugarCRM Cost? Part 2

What does SugarCRM Cost? Part 2

This is Part 2 of a three-part series on the cost of SugarCRM. View Part 1 here.

In this segment, we address the Implementation Cost of Sugar.

Please note the costs presented below are general guidelines, and your costs might differ.  Without having a sense of the actual scope or purpose of the project, it’s incredibly difficult to accurately predict the cost.

You can choose to implement Sugar on your own without a partner or consultant – if you do this, naturally, you would not incur any obvious implementation costs other than your own staff’s lost time or how much of your staff’s cost you choose to allocate to the project.   However, one of the top reasons for CRM implementation failures is not engaging an outside expert to help.

If you choose to work with an outside resource like FayeBSG, the implementation of Sugar typically includes some or all of the following services:

Discovery We meet with your team to document your requirements in detail to make sure we’re all on the same page about how the system will work and what we’re trying to accomplish.
System Design We create a document that shows you how we’re going to configure Sugar to meet your requirements documented in the Discovery Phase.
Hosting If your Sugar instance is being hosted in the Sugar On Demand Environment, this is not required and there is no additional cost.   If for security, performance, or customization requirements you need to have a different hosting solution, there may be additional costs here.
Installation Installation is only required if you are not hosted in the Sugar On Demand Environment.
System Build We build the system based on the System Design.   This includes designing screens, determining what options are on menus, creating new modules if needed, creating custom fields if needed, etc.
Customizations Many times our clients require some special functionality that doesn’t exist out of the box in Sugar.   One of the best qualities of Sugar is its ability to be customized in almost any way.   An example might be some special lead routing functionality that your organization requires.   Or, maybe you want some special approval functionality for quotes based on the dollar amount and sales region.  That customization work would be performed here.
Integrations If you are integrating Sugar with other systems, this will impact the cost.   Common software to integrate includes ERP Software, e-Commerce and Shopping Carts, email marketing tools, marketing automation tools phone systems, and credit card processors.
Report Creation Sugar comes with dozens of pre-built reports.   However, if you want additional custom reports, this can impact the cost.
Dashboard Creation Each Sugar user can have their own set of dashboards.   Dashboards can who things like Hot Accounts, Opportunities Won, Lists of Accounts to Call, etc.   If you have a variety of dashboards in mind for your users, this can impact cost.
Workflow Creation Sugar’s Workflow functionality is one of its most powerful features.   Workflows would be things like automatic email alerts when certain conditions apply, automatic updating of fields when certain conditions apply, etc.   For example, maybe you want your sales manager to get an automatic email every time an opportunity is closed.    The more workflows you have in mind, the more it may impact the cost of the project.
Data Migration Are you going to be migrating data from an old system or Excel?    Or, are you going to have your team manually enter starting information.   If you choose to migrate data, which data are you migrating?    The more data you migrate, the greater the cost.   In addition, one way to minimize costs is for your team to prepare the data in Excel, so all we have to do is import it into Sugar.    If we have to grab the data from your old system and manage it before the import, costs can grow.   Data Migration is one of the bigger areas of cost.
Admin Training We train your system administrators in how to use Sugar and how to use all the Sugar tools.
User Training We can train your users.   One way to save on costs is to have us train your Admins, and then have your Admins train your users.
Go Live Support On the day you go live, sometimes it’s appropriate to have us onsite with you or on call to make sure everything goes smoothly.   This period can be anywhere from a day to a week or two.   It just depends on the scope of the project and your comfort level with system administrators and their ability to quickly address issues.



For a typical implementation of less than 30 users, here are some cost guidelines:

Phase Partner Does 100% of the work Your Team does as much as possible The work your team would do / Notes & Comments
Project Management


TBD NA Project Management includes keeping a project on schedule, working with you and our development teams to make sure the right work is delivered at the right time to the right people.   It typically costs around 10%-15% of the total project cost.
Discovery $800 – $1,600 $0 – $800 This can include the delivery of a detailed requirements document to use.
System Design $800 – $1,600 $800 – $1,600
Hosting NA NA Hosting can cost from $500-$2000/month, depending on number of users and/or special requirements.
Installation $800 – $1,600 NA Only required if you are not hosting in the Sugar On Demand Environment.
System Build $1,600 – $3,200 $800 – $1,600
Customizations Depends NA Need details to estimate.
Integrations Depends NA Need details to estimate.
Report Creation $400 – $800 NA This is for 2-4 basic custom reports.
Dashboard Creation $400 – $800 NA This is for 2-4 basic dashboards.
Workflow Creation $400 – $800 NA This is for 2-4 basic workflows.
Data Migration $3,200 – $6,400 $1,600 – $3,200 Depends on source of data.
Admin Training $1,600 – $2,400 $1,600 – $2,400 Depends on # of admin users.
User Training $3,200 – $6,400 NA Depends on # of users to be trained.  NA if your admins do the training.
Go Live Support $800-$1,600 NA NA if your admins do the go live support.
  $14,000 – $27,200 $4,800 – $9,600


Naturally, a 10 user implementation might be at the lower end of the range, and a 30 user implementation could be at the higher end of the range. And, more complexity and customization and integrations would negate a bunch of the assumptions above. However, the estimated costs presented do provide some general guidelines as to what things might cost assuming minimal customization and scope. Please contact us for a more precise estimate if this is something of interest.