How to Capture Images in the SugarCRM Mobile App

In a previous post, I showed you how to dictate your call notes using SugarMobile. In this post, I’ll show you how to capture video and image documentation when you are onsite with a client.

Sometimes your sales reps or field techs need to capture visual documentation of customer machinery, building sites, project locations, etc. The process of capturing, sorting, and storing the images, when the field tech is back in the office, can be a time-consuming task. But if your team is equipped with a mobile device and SugarMobile, the process is painless.

To capture visual documentation in your CRM, open the SugarMobile app.

Simply search for the customer in your Accounts module.


Navigate to the Related modules and find the Notes module. Create a new note.

Enter the subject. Don’t forget you can dictate this by using the microphone on your keyboard. Tap the Attachment field.

Select “Take Photo or Video”. Snap the photo with your phone and save the Note. If you don’t have time to add the images to a Note in Sugar at the time you take the pictures, you can always come back to this step later and upload images from your photo library.


Now you can document field pictures in SugarCRM