What does SugarCRM Cost? Part 1

What does SugarCRM Cost? Part 1

When we first start speaking with folks about SugarCRM, one of the common questions early on is “What does Sugar cost?” We usually give the answer that everyone loves to hear: “It Depends”.

However, there are some common themes that can help us provide a better answer to the question and to present an idea of what a Sugar implementation might cost. There are typically three components to the cost issue:

1. Software cost
2. Implementation Cost
3. Ongoing Support Cost

In Part One of this Blog, we’ll review the software cost.

The cost of the software is usually the easiest part of the cost question to address. The SugarCRM Software itself has three versions:

  • Sugar Professional: $40/user/month
  • Sugar Enterprise: $65/user/month
  • Sugar Ultimate: $150/user/month

Click here for a comparison of the three different versions.

There is typically a 10 user minimum, although Sugar also has a special 5 user version that is available. Software is paid annually.

In addition, there are a couple Sugar “Plug-Ins” that might be appropriate:

Hint: $15/user/month
The Customer Journey: $12/user/month

Do you need any of our Sugar Integrations? Some of the most popular integrations include:

Naturally, there are a number of other add-on products for Sugar, but these are some of the more popular.

All in all, the software cost is very straightforward and really depends on the number of users and requirements related to some of the add-on products.