Keyboard Shortcuts for SugarCRM

Keyboard Shortcuts for Sugar

Are you a ctrl+f freak? Do you absolutely hate using your mouse to move the cursor on your screen? If so, this article may interest you.

Did you know that Sugar has a variety of helpful keyboard shortcuts to simplify and enhance the user experience? Check out the quick link in the bottom right corner of your Sugar screen which takes you directly to Sugar keyboard shortcuts!

Clicking on this link opens a drawer which pops out and is conveniently located for easy access. Just be careful that the default for “delete records” is the d key. If you are concerned about accidentally deleting a record by entering the d-key, it’s really easy to edit the shortcuts. Just click in the settings icon to configure shortcuts to your liking.

Here’s a link to the Sugar Documentation on Accessibility options for SugarCRM Pro – 7.10 and SugarCRM Ent – 7.10. In addition to explaining how to use the shortcuts, this article lists the default shortcuts for Mac side by side with the Windows/Linux keys. This is especially helpful for companies which have both Mac and Windows users.

There are Global shortcuts, and also shortcuts for record views and list views. The default for activating the Sweet Spot Configuration Panel is Control + Shift + Space.

Some of the most helpful shortcuts for list views include being able to scroll the list to the left or the right, selecting records, and marking the checkbox to the left of each selected record in the list view. In the record view, I found the most helpful being that you can follow or mark records as favorites.

If you did accidentally delete a record or would like to know more about how to customize your Sugar instance to fit your business needs, reach out to us at