How Insurance Agencies Can Drive and Qualify More Leads with Marketing Automation

How Insurance Agencies Can Drive and Qualify More Leads with Marketing Automation

Email Marketing systems transform sales through an organization; Marketing Automation systems complete the picture by generating leads and managing lead engagement. World-class sales and marketing organizations need both to succeed and scale. Marketing Automation gives Insurance Agencies the tools for success by seamlessly connecting their complex network of communication channels.

In a recent demo we gave to our Insurance Agency clients (see below), we showed what Act-On’s marketing automation solution can do for insurance providers, including:

  • Increase the volume and quality of inbound leads
  • Increase marketing and sales efficiencies, from training to campaigns to closed deals
  • Improve the recruitment of sales representatives, such as agents, brokers, and advisors
  • Integrate sales and marketing efforts across the channels, including email, social, and mobile
  • Simplify brand, regulatory, and compliance control across marketing materials, tools, and templates
  • Measure sales and marketing effectiveness in real time
  • Best Practices for Insurance Agencies to Drive and Quality More Leads

    Here’s a recap of some of the best practices we recommended in our demo to Insurance Agencies and Providers that want to drive and qualify more leads for their organization.

    Understand What Your Buyers Are Looking For

    First, we focus on industry-specific best practices. The first thing you want to do to qualify effectively and drive more engagement is to understand what your buyers are looking for. Act-On captures the actions your prospects and current customers take and gives you information regarding how they’re interacting with your agency. This is a key step in being able to differentiate your communications and position your agency as trusted advisors, as opposed to a commodity. At the same time, you want to understand who is also NOT interacting with your brand, so you can invest your time with prospects who not only have shown interest in shopping for policies right now but have also given you information about what coverage they are looking for.

    Personalize Communication To Set Your Agency Apart + Nurture to Qualify

    Secondly, you want to personalize your communications with highly targeted messages to set your agency apart. A simple way of doing this is by tailoring and changing your messages depending on what type of policy they’re looking for, and to continue to send them relevant communication automatically to nurture these prospects down the buying funnel until they are ready to talk to a rep and purchase. Automating the qualification process ensures that your reps are having the most relevant conversations with the prospects you know are most ready to buy, based on the data that Act-On is collecting for you. Being relevant will also increase email open and click-through rates.

    Automate and Expand Your Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

    A lot of our insurance marketing and sales leaders tell us that a lot of business comes from cross-selling and upselling current customers and ensuring that those customers are going to renew.
    In order to maximize and expand upsell and cross-sell opportunities, Agency marketing teams focus on educating buyers about insurance products they might not know about that you offer. Act-On gives you the power to leverage the data sales gathers from site visits to create automated programs that send customers information they want to receive. Again, this all happens automatically, so you can ensure that everyone in your customer base will know all the value your agency has to offer. This is done using Act-On’s easy to use tools, dramatically reducing the time it takes to run your campaigns.

    Maximize the Renewal Process

    The last point is automating and maximizing the renewal process. You can send out automated messages periodically at renewal time, say the 90, 60 and 30-day marks before policy expiration. This allows your customer to tell you they’re going to renew with minimal effort. The other important data point this process reveals is if they’re NOT engaging with your renewal emails. You can understand who is not engaging, prioritize outreach to those clients, and use that information to give your customers a call to discuss and see what’s missing in order to retain their business.

    See it in Action

    Check out our recent demo in which we show the best practices for Insurance Agencies to drive and qualify more leads using Act-On Marketing Automation Software.