Carolina Industrial Trucks Uses Hint by SugarCRM and Increases Sales Efficiency

Carolina Industrial Trucks Uses Hint by SugarCRM and Increases Sales Efficiency by 62%

SugarCRM HInt Case Study

Carolina Industrial Trucks (CIT) is a material handling supplier providing forklift sales, rentals, service, parts, operator training and warehouse products.  CIT is a certified dealer for three of the world’s top forklift manufacturers.

Founded in 1989 and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, CIT is 100% locally owned; serving both the Carolinas with full-service locations in Charlotte, Statesville and Monroe, NC as well as Greenville and Columbia, SC.


SugarCRM Hint
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In the materials handling industry, most companies sell the same products. In order to differentiate themselves, CIT decided they needed to invest in a technology that would not only make their sales team more efficient but provide their team with tools to save them time in their prospecting efforts and enhance their ability to nurture customer relationships.

Their major challenges before using Sugar and Hint included:

  • Sales reps spent over two hours a day capturing prospect data and entering it into Sugar.
  • They wanted to grant their sales team access to relationship intelligence that their competitors didn’t have.
  • Needed a central database to keep prospect and customer information.
  • No system in place to stay in touch with customers after they’ve purchased a piece of equipment to generate post-sale opportunities.


Since CIT needed a broader strategy for their sales reps in the field, they turned to Faye Business Systems Group to learn more about Hint.

Upon evaluating Hint, CIT quickly realized the solution was ideal for their sales reps to become more efficient at their daily tasks.

After a successful evaluation and implementation, CIT rolled out Hint to all of their Sugar users and were up in running within three days.


CIT experienced some of the common challenges that organizations go through when they are new to CRM, for example, the typical bumps of getting widespread adoption of using a new technology in Sugar.

However, once they implemented Hint everything changed for them.

Since they started using Hint, CIT sales reps are more prepared during meetings and cold-calls due to the wealth of information available. Hint gave their sales team a major leg-up on their competition in which they contribute positive ROI through their marketing campaign tracking.

Previously CIT sales reps spent over two hours a day capturing valuable online research data in Sugar. With Hint now they are spending 45 minutes on average for the same tasks.


CIT told Faye Business Systems Group that Hint is an absolute must if you have Sugar. It provides their sales team that extra edge needed in a very competitive marketplace.

It took their sales team time before they began using Sugar regularly, but Hint actually accelerated their overall use of Sugar.

Hint got their sales reps excited about Sugar and in a brief time, got them comfortable using all the other features of Sugar, because they are now using the system every day to do their job.

Overall, CIT feels that with Hint and Sugar they’re doing things their competition isn’t, and they’re seeing the results.


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