Sage Alerts and Workflow

Chasing down delinquent clients . . . avoiding inventory outages . . . spotting vendor price increases . . . and keeping on top of customer or item sales trends.

When it comes to managing receivables, payables, inventory, POs, and sales orders, the resource that you never have enough of . . . is you.

Before you know it, your day is gone – and the “other” projects that you intended to start today get postponed . . . by yet another day.

Sage Alerts & Workflow gives you back the time you need. It follows-up with late-payers; it responds to fluctuating stock levels; it detects excessive price increases, and it pro-actively tells you when sales take a turn for the better or worse.

All so you have the time that you need.

Check out our On-Demand Webcast recording introducing Sage Alerts and Workflow.

What will the webcast cover?

• What is Business Activity Monitoring
• How Sage Alerts & Workflow automates many of the processes you do manually today.
• Some of the 30+ automated processes that come with Alerts & Workflow

Why should I watch?

Learn how you can:

• Enable “exception management” in your Sage’s ERP solution.
• Automate critical communications to staff, customers, and suppliers.
• Prevent write-offs, leverage discounts, and deliver on promises
• Never again have to say “if only we had known . . . “

Find out how to turn 8 hours of work into 4.