Progressive Pumps Uses SugarCRM QuickBooks Integration to Grow Sales 57%

Progressive Pumps Uses Sugar and FayeBSG QuickBooks Integration to Grow Sales 57%

SugarCRM QuickBooks Integration Case Study

SugarCRM QuickBooks IntegrationProgressive Pumps is a value-added distributor of pumps, motors, and controls to industrial, municipal and sanitary customers in Texas and surrounding states. For over 32 years, Progressive Pumps has been focused on providing “The Right Pump. On Time” to its customers.

Progressive Pumps is in the Industrial Automation industry with customers that are the Reliability and Maintenance personnel at industrial and chemical plants.


Sugar Professional
FayeBSG Sugar QuickBooks Integration


Progressive Pumps is a sales focused distribution organization that focuses on providing unmatched customer service. Prior to implementing a CRM solution the company had no visibility into inside sales opportunities. They recognized that using excel to track opportunities left sales team operating in silos and potential business began to slip through the cracks. Challenges included:

  • No streamlined way to report on existing opportunities.
  • No central database of client and prospect status.
  • Inside sales operated in silos.
  • With poor visiblity into who their customers were they were losing out on business.
  • No system to streamline sales quotes to their accounting system.

    To find a solution Progressive Pumps turned to Faye Business Systems Group to express their challenges and implement organizational-wide change. They began the process of evaluating CRM solutions and ultimately selected Sugar and FayeBSG’s QuickBooks Integration.

    They needed a strong technical Sugar Partner to build out their quotes strategy, integrate their existing data and train their sales team on use.

    Leadership additionally attended a seminar in the manufacturing and distribution industry and found that three out of the four panelists were using Sugar.


  • Since Progressive Pumps implemented Sugar and the FayeBSG QuickBooks Integration they have seen sales growth increase 57% in the first year.
  • Inside Sales began to immediately jump on reporting and visibility capabilities they didn’t have before.
  • By integrating QuickBooks with Sugry they implemented an end-to-end solution from quote fulfillment to their accounting system.
  • Continue to uncover the multiplicity of ways their sales teams can use Sugar.
  • They have total visibility into who their customers are. They don’t need to chase down this information.
  • They now use Sugar to track projects and repairs.

    Progressive Pumps highly recommends using an advanced implementation partner. If they didn’t have team-wide buy-in and a highly skilled implementation partner they wouldn’t have been able to make the solution work for them.


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