A Look at SugarCRM Modules by Department

SugarCRM Modules

A Look at Sugar Modules by Department

All businesses using Sugar want to get the highest ROI on their software purchase. This often means using more of the application to enhance and automate each department in the business. When doing this, it is important to keep in mind that each module is designed for a specific use and targets specific departments.

Each business is unique and has different needs but let’s look at Sugar modules by department while highlighting the uses case. Your percentages and uses may vary.

Sugar Leads

The leads module is 70% Marketing and 30% Sales.

1. The marketing departments goal is to generate leads.
2. Marketing needs to track leads, marketing spend and activities needed to convert to a Sales Qualified Lead.
3. The sales departments role is to qualify and convert or close.

Sugar Opportunities

The Opportunities module is 80% Sales and 20% Marketing.

1. Marketing needs to know the Close Win and Close Loss metrics on Opportunities that came from Leads that the Marketing department generated.
2. Sales live in Opportunities since this is where the deals are tracked until they are won or lost.
3. Sales management is most interested in Opportunities and Opp metrics since these are qualified deals.

Sugar Quotes, Product Catalog, Revenue Line Items

These modules are 90% Sales and 10% Accounting. Quotes, Product Catalog, and Revenue Line Items are all about helping the customer make a decision on what to purchase and then getting a signature.

1. Sales generate the Quotes.
2. The Product Catalog supports Quoting and sales.
3. Accounting gets involved at the “tail end” when a Quote is Closed Accepted.

Sugar Quoted Line Items

Quoted Line Items are 20% Sales, 60% Operations / Fulfillment, 20% Accounting

1. The Quoted Line Items are each individual product/service sold by Sales.
2. Most aspects or fields of Quoted Line Items are for Operations and Fulfillment.
3. Accounting also gets more engaged since they need to handle billing.

As I mentioned, your use cases may vary but this is a high-level overview of which departments Sugar modules are intended for. If you need help expanding your use of Sugar and would like to get more departments involved, please contact our team.