Upload Documents to SugarCRM through our CASH Portal


Upload Documents to SugarCRM through our CASH Portal

Do you have users outside your company that could benefit from direct, but limited access to Sugar?   Maybe you have partners or distributors or outside agents for your products that you want to be able to register leads?   Or make changes to their account information?  Or maybe you want customers to be able to log into the system to review the status of their invoices (that were sync’d into Sugar from one of our ERP integrations)?   Or you want to let your customers enter cases for repairs or customer service issues?  Our CASH Portal could be the answer.   And, now, we’ve added a new feature that lets your partners or customers upload documents directly into Sugar from the portal!

CASH for SugarCRM

Users of our Customer Access Support Hub (CASH) can now upload contracts, pictures, or any other type of document directly into Sugar.   Maybe there’s a supporting document to attach to a customer service or case record?   Maybe you want to let your distributors upload contracts?   Whatever it is, CASH can now support it!

We can now upload files under these conditions from CASH to Sugar:

  • Documents Module: Upload documents to the Documents Module related to specific Accounts
  • Cases → Notes:  When we have Cases module related to Accounts, we can add Notes to those Cases..  Now you can attach files to these Notes.
  • JIRA Issues: When using our Sugar-Jira Integration for open issues, you can now add Notes and attach files to those Issues.
  • Custom Modules:  As long as the module is flagged for documents, you can upload documents to the module.

CASH for SugarCRM 2

Contact us with any questions or comments about how CASH can work for you.