SugarCRM Hint is Relationship Intelligence

We just got back from SugarCRM HQ in Cupertino for the SugarCRM Hint launch party and it was awesome. There was a t-shirt cannon, delicious treats, flip flops, party leis…oh yea, and this thing called Hint.

faye business systems group employees

SugarCRM launched Hint as the first offering in its new line of relationship intelligence products and we were blown away at the power of this incredible new tool.

As a sales rep, how familiar is this scenario:

You’re trying to gather information about a lead and you are bouncing between website after website trying to gather anything you can before coming up with a plan of attack for your conversation. It’s important to maximize all that time but it probably took you over an hour of hunting before you even hit dial. Not to mention that you are spending all that time entering the information into Sugar to capture and reuse the data in the future for campaigns and events.

….sound like something you’ve experienced?

Say goodbye to all of that and say hello to Hint by SugarCRM. Sales reps spend over 30% of their time researching and entering data. With Hint, you’ll spend less than 30 seconds.  All you need to do is enter an email address in the Hint intelligence pane in Sugar and it gathers every digital touch point on the web and drops them directly in to Sugar for you.

Hint example 1

Hint users can enter a few contact details about a person with whom they want to connect, and Hint automatically will search social sources on the Web for personal and company information.

That data, and other personal and corporate details from a company’s internal files, will be collated and served up to the user in a side-panel view.

For sales teams, Hint’s advantage over other CRM vendors’ products is that it lets users select specific data and quickly pull it into the CRM account profile in the context of a particular opportunity they’re working on.

Hint SugarCRM screen shot

Further, users can quickly create a new customer profile, and information from the Web can be refreshed automatically, keeping records up to date.

Before you put together your next campaign you need to see how Hint for Sugar will give your sales reps more time talking to leads with better information and less time researching them. Contact us today to see a demo of Hint.

Happy Hinting!