Best Practices Before Performing a Sugar Upgrade

Best Practices Before Performing a SugarCRM Upgrade

The purpose of this blog is to summarize the best practices before performing an upgrade and provide links to resources for running a Health Check Wizard on your existing version and edition of Sugar. This is a necessary step to take before upgrading to a new version in Sugar.

Why would you want to upgrade? There are many reasons, but at the very least consider these:

  • If you are currently using Sugar 6, Sugar 7 introduced the PDF manager where an end user could create their own PDF’s from the Admin page
  • The enhanced Outlook Connector for Sugar 7
  • The newer versions have more stability enhancements which reduce error
  • Upgrading ensures that you will be able to receive specialized support
  • For Enterprise and Ultimate users, there is the new Advanced Workflows feature in Sugar 7.6+
  • The changelog for modules is more robust in newer versions
  • If using third party apps or integrations, there are likely newer and better versions for newer versions of Sugar

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Run Health Check Wizard Prior to Upgrading Sugar

SugarCRM Heath Check

Are you interested in upgrading to a new 7.x release in Sugar?  Running the Health Check tool will evaluate your current processes to identify any issues which may need attention before upgrading.

One of the many added features and benefits of Sugar, the Health Check tool can be run at any time, though it is highly recommended this is done before considering an upgrade.

There are specific instructions based on which version and edition of Sugar is currently in use. These instructions are located in the Installation Guide. (Even though the screenshots are only for the Pro edition, you will need to run the specific edition for the version of Sugar currently in use.)


Sugar 7.8

Sugar 7.7

Sugar 6.5


Sugar Heath Check CRM


You can search the Knowledge Base (or you can contact us) to find error codes which result from running the Health Check.  There, each code has an article which gives an overview, a list of symptoms, and instructions for resolving the error. Follow the instructions and once the changes have been made, navigate to Admin > Repair. There you will perform a “Quick Repair and Rebuild” to sync changes which were made. The next step is to run the Health Check again to confirm the error has been resolved.

Sugar Health Checks make it easy to take care of your CRM health – so easy, it makes me a little jealous that our own health can’t be checked so simply.  Once you have passed the health check and installed the upgrade, now your system is ready for that extra special custom integration software you’ve been dreaming about!

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