Generating Revenue with Marketing Automation

Generate Revenue

78% of all buyers start their purchase with a web search. 50% turn to social media to look at peer reviews. Therefore, your organizations web presence is your new first point contact when it comes to attracting customers.

With all the noise out there on the internet, what can you do filter through it all and actually generate revenue?

The first place to start is by making sure you’ve got a Marketing Automation platform that enables you to take your customers through the entire customer journey: Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert and Expand.

buyers journey

The customer journey was the focus of a recent webinar we did with Act-On. If you’re not familiar with the customer journey process, it is essentially decision-making process through which customers take action. Ideally, they end on “buy.”

Using a Marketing Automation tool to generate revenue through the customer’s journey was the focus of our recent webinar. We invite you to watch the recording below. Naturally reach out to us with any questions, enjoy!