Free Yourself from Spreadsheet Overload with QuickBase

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I have been asking prospective QuickBase customers this question for a long time. I often think we become distracted in our routines at work, and may even forget about efficiencies and expediency. It’s as if our daily routines and processes become habitual, and sometimes like most habits unchecked, they can become bad habits.

Large organizations will often try to create efficiencies through modernization of software and infrastructure but may miss many of the micro-processes at the user level. A Fortune 500 company may spend several million dollars on an infrastructure and software design upgrade for order processing but may have several HR Managers using an online spreadsheet to track hiring, because the corporate solution is in next year’s budget.

Obviously, most organizations don’t have the luxury of highly paid IT planning committees and gigantic budgets for state of the art cloud solutions for every administrative task of their business. And even so, most of the Fortune 500 companies empower their employees with QuickBase to solve for the smaller process that go un-mapped by global and complex applications. In our example, giving those HR managers a much more effective application that allows for collaboration, alerting and reporting with document collection capabilities for automation of the hiring process.

Well, you can do the same for all those spreadsheets that are keeping you and your team buried in reactive thinking with QuickBase. Designed with the business user in mind, QuickBase is a cloud based database platform that is the fastest, easiest and most flexible way to help teams work together.  You can use the power of QuickBase to logically define and automate processes and keep your business proactive to the demands of future growth. If only you had more time, you could see how easy it is to use.


I ask you to look at your own organization and its efficiencies. Are you maximizing your time creating revenue and other avenues of business or are you spending too much time organizing what is already occurring? Regardless of the size of your organization, you will miss.  These misses may cost you if your only response is reactive. QuickBase will open your eyes, very acutely to what has been slowing you down, and you will not just create one application. Like most users, you will create several, because it’s possibilities are endless and it’s also fun!

You may say, at this point, I don’t want to be busier, or if I hired another resource I could get to that. I’ve heard that from many folks, but they’re missing the point and they are usually too buried in their status quo to see the possibilities until we show them how to create their first application and their figurative light bulb goes off. It’s easy and anyone can do it, anyone, really. It can get very sophisticated, as complex as your business needs. For example, you can use it to track a list of customers and their birthdays, or you can fully automate your warehouse with a new supply-chain and GPS inventory application with bar-coding and full staff alerting. You will begin to see the possibilities. Anything you currently manage on a spreadsheet can become a fully automated and logical application in seconds.


QuickBase can organize most, if not all, of those manual and spreadsheet-based processes and automate them. Without complex coding, in fact, it is a customer based framework for data collection and application creation. Sounds complex? It’s not, it’s simple and like most simple things, it’s intuitive and capable of much more than we could ever guess when we first begin to explore its possibilities. Like any instrument, I can teach you the very basics, and you’ll play a basic song, but the more you play, the better you will become and the more songs you will learn. The more logical your choices will be. The better your business will become. You’ll realize that the time you spent worrying about keeping up will be spent proactively seeking new business opportunities while making your existing processes flexible and automated for future growth. We offer a real return on investment, the growth of your business, the efficiency of your employees and your posture for future growth. And you can do it yourself or with a little help.

So, I ask you, why wait any longer? Contact us to learn more about QuickBase.