Connect Sugar to your phone system with Tenfold

tenfold sugarcrm
In short, Tenfold allows you to connect your phone system with Sugar.

Expanded, Tenfold is a modern performance platform, built on cloud technologies and focused on unlocking the full value of customer relationships in a recurring revenue world.

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Tenfold helps companies grow revenue by enhancing prospect and customer interactions, providing a framework for sales, service and support best practices, increasing organizational technology adoption and offering high-level actionable analytics.

With Tenfold, Sales, Marketing and Operations professionals benefit from:

  • Increased revenue growth and customer satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency of calls and data capture while improving CRM adoption
  • Visibility and analytics into actions that lead and drive top performance

The Tenfold integration with Sugar seamlessly connects your existing phone system with your CRM in a matter of minutes, allowing organizations to capture every customer and prospect interaction, increase productivity, reduce response time and build better relationships.

Benefits of integrating Tenfold with Sugar include insight into:

  • Advanced analytics dashboard and reporting
  • Company-wide, team-based and user analytics
  • Real-time and historic data
  • Total Calls/Talk-time
  • Average talk time
  • Connect rate by hour
  • Lead response time
  • Gamification/Leaderboards

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