QuickBase Lets You Access Sage 100 Data in the Cloud

quickbase-developer-los-angelesHave you ever wished your Sage 100 data could be more easily accessible? For those of you who’ve been working with Sage 100 for a while, you know that many times your Sage 100 data is sort of “land locked”. That is, it’s held hostage by the server where it’s installed. I’ve often thought it would be incredibly cool if there was some cloud application that could easily house some or all of our Sage 100 data, and then have that cloud application be secure and accessible by anyone we chose.

That day could be here.

QuickBase is a cloud based custom application environment, where users and teams have been building cool, custom apps for years. These include apps for project management, commission tracking, collections management, shipment tracking, fixed asset management, customer service, HR, real estate, and more. One of the coolest things about QuickBase is that it allows you to build these applications without being a programmer. It’s sort of a drag and drop approach to building applications that can replace all those complicated, non-shareable Excel spreadsheets that we’ve all been using for years. In addition, it throws on capabilities for easy building of dashboards, reporting, and alerts that far surpass some of the things you can do in the native Sage 100 application.

We’ve now integrated Sage with QuickBase so that you can access all of your Sage data in a QuickBase environment. Build project management tools that integrate with Sage data. Create a shipment tracking system that uses Sage shipment history, combines it with UPS or Fedex or private label shipping data, and provides a real-time environment for monitoring shipments. Create a dashboard driven work center that manages collections and receivables with real time data from Sage at the core.

Because QuickBase is in the cloud and managed on QuickBase servers, it can be accessed 24×7 from anywhere. Users can lookup information or add information at any time from a workstation, a laptop, or any mobile device.

Give us a call to talk about how QuickBase for Sage can help you eliminate all those manual spreadsheets and bring your Sage 100 data easily and securely to the masses. And check out some of the amazing stuff we created with Sage data inside QuickBase!


Item Cost vs. Price Chart



Quantity Sold by Item Chart



Custom Sales Dashboard


Custom Dashboard

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