3 Holiday Marketing Tips

3 holiday marketing tipsIt’s December which means the holidays are in full swing.  With only a few more short weeks until Christmas and New Year’s, many marketers are scrambling in a few ways: either they are insanely busy trying to generate end of year demand, or they are experiencing the season lows of unresponsive campaigns and an inbox full of away messages.

For sales driven organizations the end of the year presents high performing marketers using CRM platforms and/or Marketing Automation software with a unique opportunity to hone their automation efforts. I thought it would be useful to share some collected marketing automation tips, tricks and resources to end Q4 with a bang.

If you’ve got some innovative ideas of your own, please do share in the comment section below!

Kaila Strong wrote a great post in which she outlined 8 Tips and Tricks for Holiday Marketing.  Strong suggested to focus on the following key areas:

  1. Research and Strategy
  2. Audience
  3. Email Segmentation
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Landing Page Optimization and Testing
  6. Follow-Up Campaigns
  7. Cause-Based Marketing
  8. User-Generated Content

Kaila also provides some great miscellaneous tips for marketing automation. Check out the full post here.

David Kirkpatrick from Marketing Sherpa shared some really useful holiday marketing trends in his post on “8 Trending Tactics for Holiday Marketing,” found here.

In this post, Kirkpatrick lists the following 8 tactics:

  • Tactic #1. Retarget the e-commerce website visitor
  • Tactic #2. Evolve your social network strategy
  • Tactic #3. Use paid search marketing to clicks
  • Tactic #4. Tailor marketing to specific devices
  • Tactic #5. Adapt to Google Shopping’s new fee structure
  • Tactic #6. Use marketing automation to drive traffic
  • Tactic #7. Be prepared for price sensitive consumers
  • Tactic #8. Keep an eye on the calendar

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Finally, there is a great post by Olivia Perek via Marketing Tech Blog on 6 Creative Marketing Strategies to Help you Survive the Holidays.

In this post, Perek offers the following strategies to help you survive:

  1. Schedule Social Media Posts
  2. Be Human
  3. Repurpose Content: Original and Curated
  4. Host an Event
  5. Send Swag
  6. Automate Emails

There are so many different strategies and tactics marketers can use when it comes to making the most of the holiday season. Marketing Automation and CRM are the common denominator for it all. If you’re doing a single one of these things manually, then we should talk!

Happy Holidays to All!