SugarCRM Wins PC Magazine’s 2016 Business Choice Award for Best CRM Service

winnerThis week SugarCRM was named the Best CRM Service by PC Magazine readers in the publication’s annual business choice awards. This is an incredible feat considering that this is the second year in a row SugarCRM has received this award. SugarCRM rose above other providers with outstanding scores for overall satisfaction, likelihood to be recommended, NetPromoter Score and reliability.

In recapping the finalists, PC Magazine‘s Matthew Sarrel wrote, “A very important measure of a service is the response to the critical question ‘How likely are you to recommend your CRM service to a colleague?’ SugarCRM proved the sweetest score at 7.9.”

PC Magazine readers nominated more than 30 CRM providers, of which six received enough votes to be listed as finalists. The publication’s survey asked respondents to rate their overall satisfaction, reliability and tech support experience with the CRM service they use, plus the likelihood they would recommend it to others.

“This award is particularly special because it loudly demonstrates the pride, enthusiasm and satisfaction that CRM users have for Sugar,” said Clint Oram, cofounder and CMO at SugarCRM. “For the second year in a row, it has served as validation for the mavericks who have joined us in changing the perception of CRM. Our customers don’t view CRM as a necessary evil. Instead, they see Sugar as an innovative and nimble business tool that people enjoy using because it makes their jobs easier.”

For a complete view of the results of the survey and PC Magazine‘s methodology, click here.

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