Why Upgrade Your Sage 100 ERP Software?

Why Upgrade Your Sage 100 ERP Software?

There are many reasons to upgrade your Sage 100 ERP Software.   In this blog, we’ve tried to outline some general reasons as well as some specific new features and functionality available in the last few versions.  Naturally, if you have any questions about your specific instance and the benefits of upgrading, please contact us directly.   Otherwise…

Being on the most recent version means you’ll be compatible with newer hardware and newer Windows operating systems.   Many times our Sage clients running older versions experience issues when their IT Department tries to implement new servers, new desktops, or new operating systems which turn out to be incompatible with their version of Sage.   Upgrading to the latest version eliminates this issue.

Being on the most recent version also means you have the greatest opportunity to integrate with other state of the art software and systems.   Older versions of Sage generally have weaker integration functionality, while more recent versions provide greater flexibility in working with other systems like credit card processing, report writers, ecommerce, CRM, document management, project management, fixed asset management, scanning, etc.

In terms of specific features and functions that you gain from upgrading, the answer really depends on what version you currently have.   The gaps between that version and the most recent Sage version are related to the most recent Sage version and all the Sage versions in between.   Here is a recap of cool new features and functionality found in the last few versions released:

Sage 100 ERP 2017

A number of usability enhancements have been added:

Global Enhancements 

  • Enhanced Auto-Complete
  • Build Search Index Utility
  • Full Text Search Option in Lookup Windows
  • Search for Empty Fields in Lookup Windows
  • Maintain Commodity Codes for Miscellaneous and Inventory Items
  • Prior and Next Buttons for Calendar Window
  • Resizable Memo Maintenance Window
  • Ability to Suppress “Remove Forms” Message
  • Larger Font for Selected Reports
  • Cancel Button Available When Printing Reports
  • New Options on Help Ribbon 3

 Accounts Receivable 

  • Ability to Accept ACH Payments
  • Improved Data Entry & Maintenance Tasks related to credit card and ACH processing

 Bank Reconciliation

  • Option to Keep Bank Reconciliation Report Window Open
  • Improved Export to Excel for Reports

 General Ledger

  • Improved Export to Excel for Financial Reports

 Library Master

  • Search Added to Role Maintenance
  • Company Maintenance Changes for ACH Payments

Sales Order

  • Ability to Accept ACH Payments
  • ACH Payment Processing

Sage 100c

Sage 100c offers you all the 2016 release enhancements plus a modernized user interface, designed to shorten your learning curve. It provides improved navigation, customizable desktop themes, and more:

  • Easier navigation Change fonts on the desktop and task window, customize desktop themes, and color schemes.
  • Persistent web content Easily get to commonly used websites and activate services like Sage Payment Solutions and Sage Payroll Services.
  • Personalization and security Individual users can change colors and themes, while accessing only the information they are authorized to see.
  • Application scaling Change the resolution of your screen to fit properly on high-definition screens.
  • Business Insights Dashboard Improved access to the Business Insights Dashboard, which has been given a modernized look


Sage 100 ERP 2016

A number of usability enhancements have been added, including:

  • Support for Windows 10.
  • Add and print extended item descriptions for miscellaneous items, special items, and miscellaneous charges.
  • Add extended item description for lines in the Accounts Receivable data entry and invoice entry tasks.
  • Add default value to all extended description.
  • Choose whether or not to automatically insert decimal points when entering quantities.
  • New sales order option to define default expiration date for quotes
  • New sales order option to default to the date when promoting quote to order
  • Ability to move a document between batches
  • Set preferences using the new user settings window such as the default zoom level for previewing reports.
  • Select whether you want to use the standard or classic desktop and—if you have the appropriate security setup—a theme for task windows.
  • Change desktop theme and options without the need for rights to library master tasks.
  • Allow for purchase order numbers of up to 30 characters with windows and tabs that expand accordingly.
  • Gain an easier way to correct documents that have been entered to the wrong batch or need to be moved.
  • Allow for greater security with an expanded 128-character password field in the SMTP email server.
  • Schedule the generation and printing of reports—and export and import data in Visual Integrator—using Task Scheduler.
  • New Direct Deposit Service Option


In Sage 100 2016, the Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Report window now includes an Electronic Payment Vendors field so you can specify whether vendors with the Electronic Payment check box selected in Vendor Maintenance are:

  • Included on the aged invoice report.
  • Excluded from the report.
  • The only invoices printed on the report. You can now specify whether the Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Report will be printed in landscape view with an 8-point font size or in portrait view with a 6-point font size, using a new Print Condensed check box. This is also true for AP and AR Aged Invoice Reports.


With Sage 100 2016, you can now choose a default period for expiration of sales orders that will automatically be set or overridden and replaced when needed. The check number field in Sales Order Entry and Invoice Data Entry has been expanded from 6 to 10 characters to allow for longer check numbers when recording prepayments or deposits against pending orders.


With Sage 100 2016, you can ensure your company is meeting new requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Learn more about the Affordable Care Act.  New enhancements for ACA compliance include:

  • Change Period End processing to retain ACA records and terminated employees until the purging of Perpetual Payroll History.
  • Store Employee/Employer data for 1094 and 1099B/C forms.
  • Transmit ACA data to Aatrix via .AUF for 1094/1095-B/C compliance.
  • Apply Employee Maintenance Sort field data to .AUF file to allow for sorting of W-2s with Aatrix.
  • Select whether to use the 1094 or 1095 forms when printing forms in Federal eFiling and Reporting.
  • Enter values in the new Policy Origin Code field to print on Form 1095-B in part I, field 8 when printing forms in Federal eFiling and Reporting.
  • Select the following check boxes on Form 1094-C in Part II, section 22 when printing forms in Federal eFiling and Reporting: – Qualifying Offer Method – Qualifying Offer Method Transition Relief – Section 4980H Transition Relief – 98% Offer Method


Sage 100 ERP 2015

This release of Sage 100 ERP features more than 60 enhancements to help increase business efficiency, productivity, and profitability, including the following:

General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Bank Reconciliation enhancements

From automated one-click GL reversal to out-of-balance notifications, new capabilities transform cumbersome financial transactions into simple tasks. Along with customizable options and the intuitive Sage 100 interface, be more efficient with your finances than ever.

Payment processing

Process payments and increase liquidity with new and improved payment processing capabilities. For example, Level 3 credit card processing creates significant savings that can be passed on and reduces fees.

New purchasing

Features make ordering and tracking faster and easier. For example, easy-to-copy features allow users to avoid manual POs and PO history inquiries, making it fast and easy to reference historical purchases.

Paperless Office enhancements

Along with an updated version of the Amyuni printer driver, the Report Viewer provides direct access to Paperless Office reports. Printing tasks for nearly 20 reports previously not available are now included.

Affordable Care Act

Specific enhancements to support Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements are featured in Sage 100 ERP, including reports to determine if an employer is required to report, the ability to include or exclude seasonal employees, and new screens for ACA employee and ACA employer maintenance.

Control, usability, and security

New custom UI scripting, color coding companies, and other enhancements increase usability and control and reduce data entry errors. Improvements include new customizable user interface scripting events and improved security features that give control over access to key business data.

Enhanced reporting

The most recent version of Sage Intelligence is now available through Sage 100 ERP, providing improved performance, reporting capabilities, and updated templates. Features include a new Report Designer, providing multiple methods for designing report layouts, one-click access, a new tool to identify missing accounts, and more. Easily report, generate KPIs, and stay up to date on the latest customer, product, and salesperson intelligence.

Inventory Management capabilities

Reduce carrying costs and ensure orders are fulfilled on time. Easily manage warehouse inventory with enhanced functionality and reporting. Improve customer satisfaction with real-time inventory tools, such as Sage Inventory Advisor.

Sage Data Cloud

Sage 100 ERP connects to the Sage Data Cloud through multiple web and mobile applications, allowing teams to be more productive, regardless of location or time of day. The Sage Data Cloud provides the real-time connectivity and flexibility to scale to meet needs as businesses grow.

Specific Module Enhancements from User Requests

  • Purchase Order History is now available similar to Sales Order History. Retain Deleted Purchase Orders and Deleted Lines from an Order is also available. New Business Insights Views have been added for the new Purchase Order History files.
  • Ability to copy a Purchase Order from another Purchase Order, a Purchase Order Receipt or from an Accounts Payable Invoice.
  • Vendor Name Field has been expanded to 50 characters.
  • Ability to Reprint Quick Print Checks.
  • The Activity Audit Log now retains a before and after reference of field changes for setup option changes.
  • Ability to Sort On Multiple Columns is now available in several modules for various data selection windows, such as Invoice Payment Selection and Cash Receipt Entry.
  • The Ship Via Field has been added to the Customer Ship-To Address file to allow for default shipping by location.
  • Level 3 Credit Card Processing is now available for credit card payments entered in Sales Order Entry and Sales Order Invoice Entry.
  • Ability to reauthorize a credit card transaction that has previously expired.
  • One-click General Journal Entry reversal has been added to the Account Maintenance window to make reversing journal entries very easy.
  • Inventory transaction types can now be assigned in a user’s security role for Inventory Adjustments, Issues, Receipts, Sales and Transfers.
  • “Copy From” buttons have been added to Inventory Product Line and Item Maintenance windows to make adding new master files easier.
  • Over twenty new reports have been added to the Paperless Office Reports and Registers option.

Sage 100 ERP 2014

Specific Module Enhancements from User Requests

  • Find customers, vendors and item descriptions by name instead of number with Autocomplete.
  • Look up invoices with just a click using the new Invoice list flashlight.
  • Search more easily with an improved Search grid window.
  • Run multiple reports faster using the Print stay open option.
  • Stay up-to-date with a range of important Payroll Enhancements.
  • Quickly identify profitability with the Sage Intelligence Profitability Dashboard.
  • Control, automate and analyze your data with Sage Intelligence, now accessible through the Sage 100 ERP menu.
  • Optimize inventory management with Sage Inventory Advisor.
  • Enable electronic invoicing, receipts and online payments with Sage Billing and Payment.


Sage 100 ERP 2013

Specific Module Enhancements from User Requests

  • Reduce time navigating through your system using Visual Process Flows, which you can customize for your business, and by user role.
  • Simplify the process of matching vendor invoices by using expanded Accounts Payable Invoice Number field.
  • Experience increased flexibility of credit card processing through Sage Exchange including cardswipe capabilities, charges for repetitive invoices and Accounts Receivable invoices, and more.
  • Efficiently designate customers and vendors as Inactive without losing historical information.
  • Streamline bank reconciliation by viewing relevant bank information in convenient places, such as cleared checks in Accounts Payable Vendor Maintenance.
  • Easily design new reports and modify existing ones using new Intelligence Reporting Report Designer enhancements.
  • Align multiple ERP companies or divisions to a single CRM database.
  • Process Sage 100 ERP quotes and orders in the familiar Sage CRM environment through Quick Order Entry screens without installing Sage 100 ERP on the workstation.
  • Efficiently and cost effectively manage your shipping process and streamline rate shopping.
  • Simplify your software update process using the new