5 Dirty Little CRM Secrets

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Find out what the legacy CRM vendors
don’t want you to know.

If you’re considering a CRM solution, there are some secrets that the traditional first-generation CRM vendors would prefer you didn’t know. Read on as we reveal the truth about how conventional approaches and assumptions benefit the old-school, first-generation CRM vendors.

Yeah, we’re talking about Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle & SAP.

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Secret #1 – Yesterday’s CRM can only help you deliver yesterday’s customer experience. sugar7-5-mobile

You can’t be different if you’re just following the herd. Today’s successful companies know that they need to differentiate themselves based on the quality and distinctiveness of their customer experience. But if your customer experience is powered by yesterday’s CRM, you’re going to look and feel like yesterday’s company.

First-generation CRM solutions are clunky, out-dated, and a pain to use. It’s a costly headache to adapt them to your unique business and the new sources of customer information that could help you deliver a more distinctive customer experience.

• SugarCRM customers choose to be different. They choose Sugar because it’s the CRM that does more to empower users and more to adapt to your business — the easiest CRM there is to configure, extend and deploy. And it’s the CRM that can turn every one of your employees into a customer expert.


Secret #2

First-generation SaaS CRM vendors want your data — so they can charge you to use it.

Almost two decades ago, the companies that invented SaaS CRM offerings created their own cloud infrastructures — because there were no alternatives. But that was a long time ago. Today there are better choices that offer a lot more freedom and control. Modern cloud platforms from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM and others are more affordable, reliable and secure. They also give you something you need and deserve: choice. And what about deploying on your own private cloud? Shouldn’t this be an option too?

Why do the old-school, first-generation SaaS vendors want your customer data in their clouds? The answer to that one is easy. They charge 2 to 5 times what a modern cloud infrastructure provider would charge to store and access your data. And once your data and apps are in the vendor’s cloud, you’re locked in. Forever hostage to a bad CRM decision.

Sugar is different. There’s no CRM solution on the planet that offers more deployment flexibility. Deploy on any public cloud you like. Use Sugar On-Demand, our own multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. Or use Sugar’s Premium Cloud with single-tenant system resources. Deploy with one of our hosting partners. Or run Sugar on your own servers, behind your firewall. Or make it a hybrid of any of these. Reconfigure any time you like. Because we believe your CRM should fit into your IT strategy, not dictate one to you…the choice should be yours.

 Secret #3

On the surface, CRM pricing looks the same, but total cost of ownership is a completely different story.

For far too lonsalesforce-pricingg, traditional enterprise software vendors have gotten away with complex pricing models that make it very difficult to know how much your CRM is really going to cost. Salesforce, in particular, publishes pricing that looks straightforward, but actually requires a 48-page handbook to really understand all the limitations and up-charges you’re going to face if you try to make the system do what you need it to.

These include: Upcharges for system use — often very hard to calculate and budget; Charges for API calls, which you need to connect other systems to your customer data; Storage fees that can balloon when storing large files; Charges for mobile access that everyone should have; And don’t forget the time and expense associated with forced software upgrades

• There really is a better way. Every day, our customers tell us that only Sugar allows them to make their CRM initiative a strategic differentiator at a cost that works for them. Customers cite the simplicity of Sugar’s pricing and the ease of doing business with SugarCRM as a reason they see us as a strategic partner in their success. No one provides a comparable level of functionality, reliability and support as SugarCRM at such a low total cost of ownership. And with Sugar, it’s all simple and straightforward. Our published price per user is what you’ll pay. Make all the API calls you want. Store as much data as you want. You’ll never be surprised by unexpected fees.


Secret #4

There will always be limits on what you can do to customize first-generation SaaS solutions.

Many of the leading SaaS CRM solutions offer reasonably good configurability, which you can use to begin to adapt the solution to meet your needs. But at the end of the day, you’re always going to be limited by the vendor’s rules and limits on what you can and can’t do with their software.

But your CRM system should run like your business, not the other way around. In our connected world, rich sources of customer data are multiplying. You need a flexible, extensible CRM to integrate with these data sources, and leverage them to better inform your employees and drive better interactions with your customers.

Sugar offers fast, simple customization without limits. With Sugar, you can make your CRM as unique as your business. Sugar allows you to create any number of custom applications (including mobile apps) with no additional fees. And Sugar offers a single code base, platform and APIs, which makes customization a much simpler process. Having a common code base for all products means there is no separate platform or API set for building or extending mobile applications. And, since Sugar is based on industry standard programming languages and APIs, it is faster and less expensive to find the people and skills you need to customize desktop and mobile apps.

Secret #5 sugarcrm-business-choice

CRM is just an afterthought for legacy business applications providers. There’s only one company who’s solely focused on helping you build extraordinary customer relationships.

Most of the traditional CRM providers are just divisions of big enterprise software companies. The primary focus of these companies is on database, email and desktop publishing tools, analytics, servers, or other enterprise offerings. CRM is usually just a small portion of their business, so it gets just a fraction of their focus and development resources.

We hear all the time about how frustrated people are with big CRM players. Many companies choose Sugar because they’re fed up with poor customer service, broken promises, inconsistent rep coverage, high prices that keep getting jacked up even higher, and general arrogance or indifference when they’re asked to address these issues.

• At SugarCRM, we’re here for you. When you base your customer-facing initiatives on Sugar, you can rest assured we’re truly invested in your success. After all, if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. Millions of satisfied Sugar users can attest to the benefits of having a technology partner 100% focused on making every customer relationship extraordinary.



First-generation CRM vendors have sold a lot of software. But they haven’t helped a lot of companies build great relationships with their customers.

It’s time to stop accepting the conventional wisdom about CRM, and start exploring the power of being different.

If you want innovation, choice and control in an affordable solution from a provider who’s solely focused on helping you build extraordinary customer relationships, you owe it to yourself to include Sugar in your thinking.

Find out what the legacy CRM vendors don’t want you to know.

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