SugarCRM Integrations

SugarCRM Integrations!

There are so many integrations for Sugar out there it could make your brain implode then explode again, which I’m not even sure is actually possible – but I think it just happened to me when I looked at the SugarCRM Integration listings on such sites as the Sugar Exchange and Sugar Outfitters.

We’ve built thirteen Sugar add-on products that are stand-alone SugarCRM Integration products, but we’ve built countless others that are custom solutions for our clients.

SugarCRM Integrations

For example, our Sugar integration add-ons include Sugar integrations for:

We’ve created custom Sugar development projects such as:

  • Sugar SAP
  • Sugar Digium
  • Sugar FiServe
  • Sugar HelloSign
  • Sugar Sage 500
  • Sugar Syspro
  • Sugar Xero
  • To name a few…

It seems like there is a Sugar integration for every platform you could imagine, and if there isn’t one yet we can obviously chat about building a new one. But the coolest part about Sugar is the fact that you CAN integrate your existing software with it, and you SHOULD be doing that.

Here are a few posts about the benefits of integrating software with a CRM system:

Check out our blog to find more, but these are just a few recent postings. If you want your software to integrate with your CRM, we can help with that.