How Small Companies Manage Admin Responsibilities in SugarCRM

Sugar AdminI was recently asked an interesting question by a current customer:

“How is a small company supposed to manage Admin responsibilities within Sugar?”

I have worked with hundreds of Sugar customers over the past 3 ½ years as Customer Success Manager for FayeBSG. Interestingly, it’s the first time I have received that question, but so glad I did.

I understand that small companies do not have many resources (time or personnel) to dedicate to ongoing support of Sugar so let’s go over a realistic approach. When I say “Admin” this is the person/people with unlimited access to Sugar – they can make any modifications within the system and see all information. So of course, it needs to be trustworthy team members. However, the job role doesn’t matter as long as they have the ability to learn and understand Sugar as a product and have time to do so.

Admin responsibilities include:

  • Setting up new users
  • Creating new fields
  • Changing layouts
  • Configure Email Settings
  • If you need to offset some of the other responsibilities, a good way to do so is to train your users to be relatively self-sufficient. There is plenty of user training on Sugar University or you can schedule some time to do it as a group (my vote is to involve snacks or pizza…food always helps foster a great atmosphere to relax and learn!).

    Here are things you don’t need an Admin to do:

  • Creating reports
  • Setting up dashboards
  • Modifying List View(s)
  • Setting up the Outlook plugin