Build Custom Apps with QuickBase

QuickBase Los AngelesWe’re a QuickBase Solution Provider!

As a QuickBase Solution Provider in Los Angeles, Faye Business Systems Group specializes in QuickBase Consulting Services in Los Angeles, but we work with clients all over the US.

What does it mean to be a QuickBase Solution Provider? It means that we provide you access to QuickBase and we can build your custom web apps for you. And it doesn’t take 6-12 months.

What is QuickBase?

QuickBase is a cloud based project management platform that allows anyone to create or customize personalized cloud based business applications. With QuickBase there is no coding required, so you don’t have to be a developer to create applications that do exactly what you want. Your needs are unique, your apps should be too.

What Does QuickBase Do?

You can create applications for project management, asset tracking, shipment tracking, inventory pricelists, customer service tracking, human resources, vacation tracking…anything you can imagine can be created in Quickbase.

Who Uses QuickBase?

Project Managers, Marketing and IT Directors are all using QuickBase to setup a centralized system where anyone, anywhere can share information, track and manage their projects.

Check out our QuickBase page to learn more about QuickBase and view white papers from such organizations at Sage and Swisscom.