SugarCRM Dropbox Integration

The SugarCRM Dropbox Integration

SugarCRM Dropbox IntegrationThe SugarCRM Dropbox Integration built by FayeBSG is the CRM solution for Dropbox, the cloud document storage and management platform.

FayeBSG’s SugarCRM Dropbox Integration allows Sugar users to use Dropbox to manage all of their cloud hosted files, and access them inside of any Sugar account, lead, or opportunity record.

Integrating your file sharing and cloud storage system with a CRM bring a whole new level of productivity and collaboration for your business.

Cloud file sharing integrated with CRM has given users more access to the collective sharing of document storage than ever before.

SugarCRM Dropbox Integration

The value and necessity of use for a Dropbox integration for Sugar has taken off since Dropbox recently unveiled tools for scanning documents using a smartphone camera, as well as for creating new Microsoft Office documents with the click of a button (See Bloomberg Technology article here).

Dropbox SugarCRM Integration

With our SugarCRM Dropbox Integration, you can manage, access, and share any amount and type of file on Dropbox within Sugar, ensuring your sales team has the most up-to-date materials. You can also create shared workspaces within Sugar to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers. In addition, sales people can email files, edit documents, fax agreements, and sign contracts within Sugar using services from Dropbox’s other integrated service.

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