SugarCRM vs. Salesforce Comparison

sugar vs salesforce

Check out our on-demand video comparison of Sugar vs. Salesforce below.

If you’ve made it here you’re likely deep into your research of a SugarCRM vs. Salesforce Comparison.

On the SugarCRM side, you’ve got a clearly priced CRM solution that enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market.

On the Salesforce side, you’ve one of the most recognizable brands in the Software industry.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive unbiased comparison of Salesforce and SugarCRM, our SugarCRM vs. Salesforce Comparison gives you the answers you need and provides a solid foundation to help you make your decision. Here you’ll find a rare, factual comparison between SugarCRM and Salesforce including pricing, editions, and functional differences.

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Our SugarCRM vs. Salesforce Comparison Matrix details:

  • Salesforce Pricing
  • SugarCRM Pricing
  • Security Features
  • Cloud Computing Features
  • Configuration Features
  • Project Management Features
  • Collaboration Features
  • Reporting Features
  • Productivity Features
  • Languages Supported
  • Mobile Functionality
  • Document Management Functionality
  • Mobile CRM Features
  • Social CRM Features
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing Features
  • Sales Features
  • Price Comparison
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