20 Reasons to Integrate your CRM

kobeLast night was Kobe Bryant’s final game as a Laker. Laker fans and NBA fans alike witnessed one of the most memorable ends to an historic 20 season career.

Hard to believe it, watching him for 20 years, but it’s easy to forget just how good Kobe was. As Darius Soriano put it, “[Kobe}, a prep-to-pros guard wasn’t supposed to make a successful jump from high school to the NBA. He wasn’t supposed to be an All-Star so soon. He wasn’t supposed to be a champion. He wasn’t supposed to win without Shaq. Wasn’t supposed to come back from a torn achilles. Or a broken knee cap. Or a torn up shoulder…and he sure as hell wasn’t supposed to score 60 points in the final game of his 20 year career.”

In honor of Kobe’s insane 20 year career, we’ve compiled a list 20 reasons why you should be integrating Sugar with your existing software platforms.

20 Reasons to Integrate your CRM in Honor of an Historic 20 Year Career for the Mamba!

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