Sugar’s Email Archiving

archiving (1)Sugar’s Email Archiving functionality allows emails to be automatically archived into Sugar simply by including a special email address on either the To, CC or BCC line. This functionality is available to all Sugar subscriptions.

Upon activation of the Email Archiving option, Sugar will generate an email address unique to your instance. Including this unique address as a recipient on the email you’re sending will automatically import it by matching all other From, To, and CC addresses against every email address in your database.

Sugar will then scan the body of the email to verify if there are other email addresses and, if so, will also sync them into the corresponding Sugar record. The email will automatically appear in the History subpanel for any Sugar record with a matching email address.

To verify the email address linked to your company’s Sugar instance please check with the company Admin. If you are the Admin, go to the Admin panel, then Email Archiving.

If access has not been enabled please read through and accept the terms, then select enable email archiving. Please then note the instance’s unique Email Archiving Address and provide to your team members.

If this process has already been done the status will confirm that it’s enabled and will display the unique Email Archiving Address. Please utilize the information on Sugar’s Knowledge Base site and the below links for more specifications.

Enabling Email Archiving

Introduction to Email Archiving