Sugar 7 On-Site Sizing Guide

Sugar is a highly flexible platform in so many ways. When it comes to hosting options, you can host your Sugar instance on SugarCRM servers, host your instance yourself on-site, or host on any existing public and private cloud option such as Amazon EC2 or IBM Softlayer.

Those of you that are considering an on-site installation, there are some useful tips to consider that can be found in the SugarCRM Support forum, but here is a general summary of what to keep in mind.

Sugar Sizing-Estimation Process

This crazy graphic (crazy to me!) shows a diagram of the Sugar sizing-estimation process.


In the support post referenced, there is a wealth of detail outlining the Sugar sizing-estimation process, which diagrams the recommended order of execution steps when deploying Sugar on-site.
These steps include:

  1. Estimate user concurrency and throughput
  2. Estimate the file system size
  3. Estimate the database size
  4. Create an initial, overall estimate
  5. Create an adjusted estimate based on scalability and integration and customization considerations
  6. Design a deployment topology using the adjusted estimate, cache considerations, and reference deployments
  7. Select the appropriate hardware based on the deployment topology and reference deployment

Deploying Sugar on the host of your choosing is just one of the many ways you end up saving money on CRM costs. Contact us today to find out more information on how to host your Sugar instance.