Top 5 Reasons Customers Don’t Renew Sugar

Top 5 As you probably know, SugarCRM is based on an annual recurring license subscription, which is common practice in the SAAS industry. So each year you have the flexibility to decide if you want to continue using Sugar or move on to a different product. Although we think Sugar is an excellent solution for businesses looking to maintain a strong customer base, on occasion customers decide not to renew. Let’s break down the most common reasons:

1. User adoption.
If your team does not understand how Sugar is going to make their lives easier, and if they are not held responsible for using it on a consistent basis, then they probably won’t use it. It is easy to get stuck in a routine and changing that can be challenging for some people. Encourage your team by letting them see the benefits of the solution – better yet, get their opinions and buy-in at the initial purchase! When you understand the key challenges people deal with on a daily basis it’s easier to address how Sugar will help (and if you’re not sure, ask your Account Exec or Customer Success Manager!). For more information and assistance on how to improve user adoption we recommend taking a look at our previously recorded webinar and a blog on the topic.

  • 2. Product issues.
    Although we would like to think there will never be a problem with Sugar, like anything in life, issues can occur. Unresolved support needs can create a lot of frustration and discouragement with your users, so it is extremely important to address any problems with the software in a timely manner. This allows your users to stay focused on the tasks that they need to accomplish. Give Sugar Support the opportunity to resolve any problems with the product. You can email or, better yet, log a ticket through the Support Portal. Logging a ticket through the portal is the preferred method of contact because it allows you to see what’s being worked on, communicate with the Support rep, and view a complete history of all previously logged Cases.

    You can also reach out to your Customer Success Manager who will be happy to initiate contacting support on your behalf.

    3. Lack of training.
    Sometimes the problem is a lack of training among users. This can put unnecessary pressure on management or the Sugar Admin if they’re getting continual requests. Train your users to, at a minimum, learn how to use modules, filter list views, and build reports. We also often hear complaints that Sugar doesn’t do something that it in fact does do! This again is a simple lack of training. Being properly trained is going to alleviate future issues and you have a few options on how to learn Sugar: Sugar University periodically holds complimentary training sessions via webinar that will assist in topic based training. There are also recorded videos that will guide you through different tasks (such as building a report). Or, you can attend a web based training class. As well, FayeBSG does custom training classes that will allow you to work directly with an experienced Project Manager to learn your business and perform the training based on your business needs. We also host a monthly Sugar User Group to answer your most intriguing Sugar related questions.

    4. Not ready for CRM.
    We encourage customers to come up with their top 3 goals for implementing Sugar and focus on these within the first year of using the product. If you do not take the time to clearly list out what your goals are for adopting a CRM solution it can be extremely difficult to stay on track (especially with a product that has so much functionality)! So get your pencil out and make a list of your top goals, ask your colleagues for input, and make sure that these goals are the priority.

    5. It’s easier to do nothing.
    Implementing (any) new system into your business will require a certain amount of effort and commitment. If the person/people heading up the Sugar implementation are overloaded with their regular work, there’s a chance they won’t have the proper time to invest in getting Sugar set up and will abandon it.