How to Automatically Convert Targets to Leads in Sugar

Here’s what we discussed in today’s Marketing strategy meeting.

  • Describe how to manually convert a target to a lead in Sugar
  • Describe how to automatically convert a target to a lead in Sugar.

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    Converting a target to a lead in Sugar takes about as much effort as attaching a file to an email. Just click on your target record, hit the edit dropdown menu, and select Convert Target, then hit save.

    There is no strategy involved in converting a target record to a lead record in Sugar. When the time comes, you just simply convert the target. Manually converting targets to leads can be a pretty time consuming process when you have hundreds of targets you need to convert. And there is no way to automatically convert a target to a lead in Sugar.

    So we explored the workflow of using Act-On’s new Create in CRM function in their Automated Programs module, which was designed specifically for Sugar users to automatically convert a target to a lead in Sugar based on a specific set of behaviors known as an Act-On lead score. This module can do more than just convert a target to a lead, but I will get into that in a bit.

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    Before I discuss how this process works, there are two marketing automation features you should know about: Lead Scoring and Automated Programs.

    If you aren’t familiar with how lead scoring with Act-On works, it’s really straight forward. Lead scoring uses a points system to assign values based on predetermined criteria, such as the person’s industry and job title, website visits, content downloads, event attendance, form completions, etc. Points accrue over a set amount of time. The sum of these points is the lead score.


    If you are nurturing targets with email marketing programs in a target list, the more they interact with your content, the higher their lead score becomes. You can determine what behavior and steps score the most points and have the highest value to your business. Say for example your target receives your email, views your pricing page, registers for a webinar and downloads your eBook, all of which earns them a lead score of 20. Once someone hits 20 points, you might want to pass them off to sales for a phone call, and at the very least convert them into a legitimate lead.

    Here is a quick recap on Automated Programs. Automated programs let you automate key processes and tasks that are critical to campaign success, yet are labor-intensive when managed by hand.


    Act-On gives you the tools to quickly and easily set up strategic campaigns that deploy automatically based on your pre-programmed rules. You can set up email nurture campaigns that deliver timely content and offers to leads based on where they are in the funnel, their attributes, what actions they take, and more. Here is the best example of an Automated Program I’ve ever heard by Brandon Contreras, THE Manager of, Global Channel Development at Act-On. “Automated programs? They can be as simple as, send an email, wait a day, send an email, wait, and on and on…”.

    Now, how do we automatically convert a target to a lead in Sugar? The answer is as simple: Automated Programs. With an automated Create in CRM function for Sugar users, once a target achieves the lead score to your choosing, Act-On will create a new lead record for that target, thus automatically converting the lead for you. You can also choose to update existing records.

    push to crm

    When you select “Follow list’s Push Policy”, what this is doing is speaking to directly with your Target List’s push-to-CRM features. It’s in your target list where you would select “push to Sugar based on a lead score of 20 or more.” So when the targets in an automated program hit that score, the sync will do the rest and you can set up your team with an instant alert each time it happens.

    It might sound complicated, but it’s definitely not, send me an email and I’d be happy to walk you through this if you’d like to see it live.