Sage 100 Maintenance Plan

Sage 100 Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plan

Sage’s software assurance and support program, Business Care, allows your company to receive critical updates and support for your ERP system. Your ERP system is a core part of your business and the maintenance plan helps to make sure things are running smoothly, by receiving access to troubleshooting guides, Knowledgebase, upgrades and new releases and direct support.

Key reasons to stay on the Sage ERP Maintenance Plan

  • Access to Sage’s online Knowledgebase, downloads, and documentation
  • Add new users to your system
  • Contact Sage Support for issue resolution
  • Access to Sage Forums
  • Quarterly tax updates
  • Access to online training
  • Ability to purchase new modules for your existing solution

  • Key disadvantages to go off the Sage 100 ERP Maintenance Plan
    Most companies make the decision to go off plan strictly to save money, however take a look at the disadvantages below. In the long run, it may be more costly to not keep up with the annual maintenance plan:

  • No longer able to access Sage Support
  • Unable to access new versions, features or service packs
  • No longer receive tax tables or W2 updates
  • No longer have access to troubleshooting and advice resources
  • Unable to add additional modules or users
  • If you do decide to reinstate, there is a considerable penalty to do so

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