How to Create an A/B Test Message

A/B TestA/B testing is a simple way to test slight, or major changes to your marketing content, to determine which asset produces positive results. It is a method to validate that any new design or change to an element to your marketing content is improving your conversion rate for your desired activity.

With the A/B testing features in Act-On, you have the power to apply A/B testing to emails, landing pages and forms. This functionality comes right out of the box, and as you will see, it is literally as easy to use as A-B-C.

A/B testing helps you compare how customers actively respond to one version against how they respond to a single variation, so you know in a concrete, measurable way which of the two alternatives delivers the best results. Instead of hoping that your intuition is right, you can count on the data to decide which execution works best.

You can get as complex as selecting up to five different emails to test, before sending out the final version. Or you can simply create one email, and make a slight change in content here or there, like a word change in a subject line, or an image change in the body of the email.

Below you’ll see a video that demonstrates how to create an A/B test message in under four minutes.

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