SugarCRM; Top 5 reasons SugarCRM is the better choice versus SalesForce

Reason 1: Cost Effectivenesssugar

The number one reason that customers choose Sugar over Salesforce is subscription cost. The two applications essentially perform the same functions, but Sugar should be more attractive because it costs a LOT less and can be customized to do a lot more and at no extra charge. (10 users)

  • The Enterprise edition is most widely used subscription type
  • Cost: $125 per month, or $1,500 per year per user subscription (US Customer Pricing)
  • For 10 users, Salesforce would cost $15,000 per year in license subscription costs alone

SugarCRM (10 users)

With Sugar, you get more for your money. Even the lowest priced Professional Edition of Sugar comes with the all the needed features such as workflow rules, web API access, and code level customizability.

  • Cost: $40 per user per month or $480 per user per year.
  • For 10 users, Sugar would cost $4,800 per year

So comparing and SugarCRM, Sugar is less than a third the price of Salesforce’s comparable edition.

Reason 2: Customization Tools

Users want an easily customizable CRM tool that can accommodate their business processes. Both Salesforce and Sugar are CRM platforms that can be completely customized and adapted to run any aspect of your organization. With Sugar, an administrator can change and expand almost any aspect of Sugar by clicking and dragging field components, while Salesforce is not that easy.

The two products have a difference in approach for this though.

  • Salesforce only allows customizations through a proprietary language that was created by them. This requires access to specialized skills that are expensive to hire or to obtain.
  • Sugar, on the other hand, is built upon an open source foundation of a MySQL database and PHP scripting that is also the foundation of a large segment of modern web applications.

SugarCRM publishes developer standards that ensure that your customizations are upgrade-safe and will not prevent you from upgrading to the next versions of Sugar.

Reason 3: Control

Customers who have invested in a CRM deployment seek greater control over the information in the system in order to gain ROI. Here too, there are significant differences in the approaches offered by Sugar and Salesforce.

  • Salesforce is only available as a hosted service in the cloud. There may be problems with cloud-hosting in terms of access to the raw data for reporting and integration. There are security concerns presented and data that may not be appropriately addressed by cloud hosting.
  • Sugar offers their customers the option of hosting their CRM system in the Sugar cloud, in a private cloud, or on your own server in your own data center. This hosting flexibility gives organizations a lot more choice, flexibility, and speed when they consider how to use their own internal skills and capabilities and protect the data in their Sugar system.

Reason 4: Levels, Levels, and more Levels

    • 5 editions (levels) from Contract Manager to Unlimited
    • Upgrade to the next level to unlock more features and value and each level doubles, if not triples in price to only get a few more features 
  • Sugar
    • Integrated Marketing engine
    • Sugar Mobile is more flexible
    • Sugar Professional has more features than level 1, 2 or 3

All that matters is that you deserve to be treated as a customer, not a number like Salesforce treats their customers.  All the features you would ever need and then some are included in Sugar Professional, only if you want more size or some extra little features, will it cost only $15 more a month.  In the end, it won’t break the bank.

Reason 5: Configuration

  • Salesforce.comdownload
    • Configurations by admin
    • Configuration limitations in many categories including storage, support, rules, chatter, and so much more
  • Sugar
    • Configurations by end user
    • No configuration limitations
    • Easy SocialCRM configuration

In the end, Sugar gives you more flexibility and greater control for the customer.


Overall Sugar has more flexibility, greater control, and a much better price.   Sugar is a unique platform because it is either a cloud based solution or a self-hosted solution. Being open source you have access to customize the interface and database in the back-end. This also provides a large community of 3rd party tools and add-ons in the Sugar Exchange.