Sugar 7.5 is Now Available

Sugar 7.5 We’re excited to announce the new release of Sugar 7.5. The new release will bring great improvements to the overall usability of the application in regards to speed as well as performance. Sugar 7.5 also will provide a seamless upgrade path for current Sugar 6.5 On premise customers (LAMP Stack). Additionally, the upgrade will include the following functionality enhancements:

Re-arrange sub-panels! This is the number one request we’ve received for improved functionality for Sugar 7 from our clients. Previously in Sugar 7, when you would look at an account, contact, etc., you could see all of the related information (calls, meetings, etc) below, which are called sub-panels. If you wanted to re-arrange the way those sub-panels were arranged, you would have to pay a company like us to programmatically change the arrangement for you. With Sugar 7.5, every user has the ability to dynamically arrange their own sub-panels. So if Joe wants to see his pending Meetings every time he looks at a client, he simply just needs to drag it to the top!

Create cases via the Twitter Dashlet! Sugar gives you the ability to have your twitter stream live in your SugarCRM instance. With that, Sugar now allows you to create a case from a tweet,
and when you create a case, the tweet ID will automatically populate the new case subject. This is a great feature for those heavily utilizing the Sugar – Twitter integration.”

Other Feature Enhancements include the following:

Company Name filter criteria added to D&B Build a List: The Company Name field is now available as a filter criteria in the Company Information panel.

Create case via Twitter dashlet : Users can now create cases via the Twitter dashlet.

Displayed Total added to forecast worksheet : The forecast worksheet now includes “Displayed Total” to display the total amount of the opportunity or revenue line items meeting the currently applied filter(s) (e.g. Include, Exclude).

Email address field supported for duplicate merge : The Email Address field is now available when merging duplicate records.

Fiscal Year option in Forecast Setup wizard : Fiscal Year option is now available for administrators to define the corporate fiscal year when configuring the forecast settings.

Forecast worksheet sticky filters : When a user applies a filter to the forecasting worksheet, the filter(s) will display automatically when returning to the Forecasts module after navigating away.

My Activity Stream dashlet : The My Activity Stream dashlet is now available to add to the user’s Home page and module’s intelligence pane.

Probability field calculated based on sales stage : The probability value is now calculated based on the selected sales stage and cannot be edited.

Projects module : The Projects module is now supported in the application.

As mentioned – Re-arrange subpanels : Subpanels can now be re-arranged in the module’s record view by dragging and dropping the subpanel’s header up and down the page. The view will remain sticky across the same browser session.

Accessibility : Color and stylistic changes to labels, alerts, and general chrome elements bring Sugar into AA conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

For more information, please review the Release Notes located in the SugarCRM Support Portal for a comprehensive list of enhancements and fixes.