6 Actionable Steps to Modernize Your CRM

Kate Leggett, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Martin Schneider, Head of Product Evangelism at SugarCRM recently delivered an informative webinar with DestinationCRM on Customer Experience Management, focusing on actionable steps you can take to modernize your CRM.

We wanted to share with you these 6 actionable steps to modernize your CRM. And in case you missed it, we sponsored and wrote a piece for the November DestinationCRM Definitive Guide to Customer Experience.


6 Actionable Steps to Modernize Your CRM

1. Make sure your CRM strategy is aligned with your customer experience (CX) strategy.

2. Make sure your CRM outcomes are focused on being able to better support your customers, thus focusing outcomes on revenue uplift, not operational efficiencies.

3. Support your customer through their end to end journey with you (marketing – sales – post service interaction) – Leverage CRM to effortlessly support the end-to-end customer journey.

4. Use CRM to deeply personalize the engagements that you have with your customers, no one size fits all personal engagement.

5. You don’t have to deploy end-to-end legacy heavy-weight technologies to leverage innovation to your customers, rather, deploy the differentiated capabilities of your CRM in an agile way to offer up valuable and relevant experiences to your customers.

6. Combat the CRM hate factor (data entry is no easy task) make your CRM deployment as user friendly as possible. Never take your eyes off the end user. Engage them simply and easily.

Click here to view the webinar recording.