Creating a New Lead Email in Sugar

Here you will find a Sugar workflow on how to create a “New Lead Email” in Sugar.

  1. I configured SMTP with a free gmail account I have been using to test, that allows relaying to other domains (additional configuration may be required for clients using Exchange)
  2. I made the Process Workflow Tasks  scheduler “Active”
    1. This won’t actually run on demo instances though, so I also did it on a local test VM
    2. I created a custom email template for Leads
      1. Admin > Workflow Management > Alert Email Templates
      2. I created a workflow for only when new leads are created
      3. Then created the alert associated to the workflow, and selected the template I created above
      4. When building the recipient list, I selected “Recipient associated with the target module”, then you have to check the option to select the custom email and name fields.  I picked “Email Address” for the email, “Name” for name and “To:” as the type.
        1. There is another option here for the “Recipient associated with a related module, where you can get more complex (e.g. workflow on Task, pick the Related Account’s Contacts, and then filter to only those with a certain title)
        2. Lastly, I created a new lead to trigger the workflow – and got the email (attached)

 Screenshots would be a bit cumbersome due to Sugar’s workflow configuration, but you can get on the demo and click in to see how it was all setup.  The only caveat to this is that the email address must exist in Sugar related to the record or user (you cannot manually enter it into a workflow).