SugarCRM and IBM


“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” – Henry Ford

Much has been written about why CRM implementations fail:

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  • Learning From Failed CRM Implementations
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  • There is great value in learning from failed CRM adoption, but wouldn’t it be great to hear a story about a CRM implementation success that resulted in one historic partnership?

    Success: That’s exactly what happened when IBM replaced Oracle (Siebel) with Sugar.

    At the time, IBM was the world’s largest deployment of Siebel applications. IBM leveraged Sugar’s unique user-focused CRM to transform its global sales organization, successfully deploying a new system for sales people that manage millions of opportunities worldwide.

    There is a fantastic white paper available which goes into great detail about IBM’s adoption of Sugar, which was conducted by Ovum, an independent analyst and consultancy firm.

    Here are some key points from the white paper about how IBM successfully implemented Sugar to support a sales force which at the time was 45,000 people strong.

    Ovum Summary:

    CRM implementations, especially where they touch the sales force, have proved to be an adoption graveyard for many organizations. Most failures can be traced to management looking at CRM in the wrong way. In these instances, the desire to command and control the wildcats of sales takes precedence over the fundamental purpose, which is to help sales people foster deeper bonds with customers to drive greater lifetime value, as well as increased customer relevance. Cause and effect are ignored as management seeks the effect – better sales pipeline visibility – with minimal thought for the underlying causes of more enduring customer relationships: trust, reliability, and the delivery of relevant value.

    Key Success Factors:

  • Have a clear objective from the outset.
  • Focus on enabling first and managing second.
  • Develop an agile partnership approach to design, build, and deployment.
  • Enroll the leadership in change management.
  • Weave enterprise social networking and predictive analytics into the platform.
  • Develop and execute a master data strategy in parallel.
  • Today SugarCRM is an IBM Advanced Business Partner. Together SugarCRM and IBM bring an intense focus on providing customer-facing professionals with the best tools to deliver an exceptional experience to their prospects and customers with every interaction.

    SugarCRM builds on the value of your IBM investment through a comprehensive set of processes to ensure the most robust level of integration with IBM software and infrastructure.

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