What to Expect When Upgrading to 7.2


Upgrades to Sugar 7.2 are available or required for instances according to the following guidelines:

  • On-demand 6.7.x instances which are not highly customized will be upgraded to 7.2.
  • On-demand 7.1.x and 7.2.x instances will be upgraded to 7.2.
  • On-site 7.1.x instances have the option to upgrade to 7.2. Please note that 7.1.x will stop being supported 3 months after the release of 7.2 as stated on the Supported Versions page.
  • Instances running version 6.5.x are not eligible to upgrade to 7.2.
  • When preparing for your upgrade or deciding whether or not to upgrade, please keep in mind that there are some key features of 6.x which have been changed or are not available in Sugar 7.2.x. Many of these items which are unavailable in Sugar 7.2.x will be made available in a future release. To help provide you with the necessary information, the article will cover what to expect when upgrading your instance from 6.7.x to 7.2.x. For information about differences between 7.1.x and 7.2.x, please refer to the 7.2 Release Notes.

    Updated User Interface

    Modules in Sugar 7.2.2.x use either the Legacy or Sidecar user interface. Modules on the Legacy user interface will continue to display the same layout and functionalities in 6.7.x. Modules using the Sidecar user interface will have new layouts and functionalities (e.g. Record View, Intelligence Panes, Module Search, etc.). For more information on the Sidecar user interface, please refer to the User Interface documentation in the Application Guide for your specific Sugar edition.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.56.24 AMPlease note that custom modules installed in your Sugar instance that were not created in Module Builder will use the Legacy user interface upon upgrade to 7.2.2.x. The functionality of custom modules will remain the same as in 6.7.x. Custom modules that were created in Module Builder and deployed in your instance will utilize the Sidecar user interface upon upgrade to 7.2.2.x. Please note that deploying a module from Module Builder in 7.2.2.x which was built in version 6.x will cause the module to use the Sidecar user interface.

    7.2 Release Notes

    For a list of known issues in 7.2, including those introduced by upgrading, please refer to the most recent 7.2 release notes specific to your Sugar edition.
    The release notes are available on the following pages:

    Sugar Ultimate 7.2
    Sugar Enterprise 7.2
    Sugar Corporate 7.2
    Sugar Professional 7.2

    Post-Upgrade Issues

    The following issues will be resolved in future releases of Sugar 7:

    68245 : Upgrading from 6.7.x to 7.2 causes the Calendar dashlet to be missing from the Legacy dashboard.
    68456 : Upgrading from 6.7.x to 7.2 causes modules (e.g. Tasks, Notes, etc.) added to the Convert Lead layout to be removed from the layout.
    69119 : Any saved searches created in Sugar 6.x will not be available after upgrading to 7.2.
    The following issues will remain for all Sugar 7 releases:

    Calls List View Display No Records : The Calls list view may not initially display records as expected after upgrading from 6.7.x to 7.2. Clicking the Search button in the module will get the records to appear properly in the list view again.
    Sugar Mobile Plus : Sugar Mobile Plus is not supported in Sugar 7 and will not function with instances upgraded from 6.x to 7.2.
    Website Field Not Supported for Search : The Website field will be missing from search for instances upgraded from 6.7.x to 7.2 if the field was enabled for search prior to upgrade. Website field is not available to add to the Search layout via Studio.

    Feature Disparity Between 6.x and 7.2.2.x

    For a detailed list on Feature Disparity Between 6.x and 7.2.2.x, please click here. There you will see which Sugar 6.x features have been changed or which are no longer available in 7.2.2.x.