Got CRM? Why You Need Marketing Automation, Too

act_onSo what’s changed in marketing since the introduction of CRM? Certainly management’s bottom-line goal remains constant: revenue generation, and more of it. However, the B2B buyer has changed; the buying process has changed drastically; enormous volumes of digital data have become available; and management now pressures marketers to correlate and justify marketing spend with ROI.

The majority of potential B2B buyers have moved online to explore solutions, research your company and your competitors, and read peer reviews. And while in a very small company the CEO may be the sole decision-maker, in most cases at least three to five people will participate in the decision. The reality today is that the B2B buying process begins when prospects
access your website, blogs, downloads, ads, or webinars.

Leads now spend the majority of their buyer’s journey in the care of the marketing team, usually well before sales is even aware of them.

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