The Cost of Implementing a CRM System

sugarcrm_logoWhen it comes to implementing a customer relationship management system for your business, one of the first concerns will probably be the cost. The other big concern will probably be about what you’re getting for the money you’re spending. We recently discussed that exact topic when comparing SugarCRM and Zoho CRM. There can be two factors in this cost, the more obvious price of the actual software and the time it takes for you and your employees to learn how to use the software. For this discussion, we’ll be talking about SugarCRM because it is our CRM of choice and the best in class CRM application. To help you decide, we’ll break down all of SugarCRM’s packages and pricing options and then talk about how long it takes to learn how to use Sugar.

SugarCRM offers four different packages at varying price levels, as well as a free trial so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. The most affordable edition is the professional edition and it costs $35 per user per month. It comes with all of the basic features you want your CRM software to have and you can opt in and pay extra for the few that it doesn’t. This edition comes with 15GB of memory. The next most affordable option is the corporate edition that costs $45 per user per month. Sugar’s corporate edition comes with all of the features the professional edition does, as well as access Sugar Mobile Plus and access to a development sandbox. As with the previous edition, any features that are not included can be added for a small fee. The corporate edition of SugarCRM comes with 30GB of memory. Even these more basic editions include basic CRM features that other companies do not.

The third package for SugarCRM is the enterprise edition which costs $60 per user per month. This edition comes with all of Sugar’s features enabled, including phone support and a customer service portal. The enterprise package includes 60GB of memory. Finally, there is SugarCRM’s ultimate edition at a cost of $100 per user per month. The only difference between the ultimate edition and the enterprise edition is the amount of memory allocated for each package. The ultimate edition comes with a whopping 250GB of memory to use. While the various editions of Sugar may seem expensive, they come with everything you need to help manager your relationships with your customers and the ability to customize the software to your needs.

The second part of the cost of implementing a CRM system is how long it takes to set up and learn the software. If software takes too long to set up or is too difficult to learn how to use, it can cost you more money as you and your employees struggle with the software. SugarCRM’s open-source nature and customizability can make it slightly more difficult to set up and learn than other types of CRM software. However, those features allow you to do exactly what you need to with it and can save you time and money in the long run. If you want help with setting up or learning how to use SugarCRM, FayeBSG offers services to help you.

Based on these terms for the cost of implementing SugarCRM for your business, we think that Sugar is worth the cost. If you’d like additional information on implementing SugarCRM for your business, please contact us.