Campaign Status in SugarCRM

Once you’ve created a campaign in SugarCRM, you’re going to want to check on it. You want to be able to monitor every aspect of your marketing campaigns so you know what’s going on, what’s working, and what’s not. SugarCRM’s Campaign Status features allow you to do just that.

Once you’ve kicked off a campaign, you can look at its Campaign Status page to gauge how well it’s doing. The Campaign Status page also offers more options to breakdown exactly how your campaign is doing. One of these is the Campaign Status Chart which offers a graph of the activities of those you sent the campaign to. With this feature, you can look at the campaign as a whole, or look at the information in a week to week view.View Campaign Status

Another Campaign Status feature is the Message Queue subpanel. The subpanel shows any emails for a campaign that still need to be sent. The unsent emails will wait in the queue until they are sent in batches by the scheduler at the correct time.

The features at the center of the Campaign Status section of SugarCRM are Campaign Response subpanels. With these subpanels, you can analyze the response statistics to understand the little things about the successes and failures of your various campaigns. You can keep track of who was sent what campaign email, you can learn whether the recipient opened the emails you sent them, and then you can determine whether they clicked through any links in the emails. If your email bounced for any reason, including an invalid email address, you can find out in this section of Sugar. You can also learn whether any leads or contacts were created through the email marketing campaign through their dedicated subpanels. There are also subpanels for those who have opted out of receiving emails from your campaigns as well as a list of emailed suppressed by the campaign manager for any reason.Campaign Status Accounts

The last set of features for SugarCRM’s Campaign Status information are the Campaign results subpanels. These subpanels can let you look at the broader effects of your campaigns to learn about new developments that came around because of the campaign. The accounts subpanel lists any accounts that came about because of the marketing campaign you’re looking at. The leads subpanel does the same for any leads generated because of the specific marketing campaign you’re analyzing. Finally, the opportunities subpanel allows you to view any opportunities that resulted from the campaign.

The Campaign Status features in SugarCRM can let you get a good look at how your email marketing campaigns are received by their targets and in what areas they are successful. To see how these features can benefit you, try SugarCRM free for 7 days.